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Hi guys! How is your year going? I hope is being great!

This post will be deducated to music! I'm a huge fan of music, I couldn't live in a world without music for many reasons; first, music makes me wanna dance and makes so happy when I'm having a bad day, second, through its lyrics and melody it expresses different feelings and sometimes you relate with the meaning of the song, and lastly the music is diverse, there are a lot of genres, artists and instruments, also music trascends the barriers of language.

So, during the 2018 I listened a lot of music (24,992 minutes to be exact) and it seems I had some Kpop fever cause most of the songs on my playlist are from Kpop groups (BTS, Super Junior and EXO), I won't lie I listened a lot BTS during the last months and right now I am a little bit obssesed with their songs, so that's why they were the group I listened the most (acording to spotify 59 hours in total!). In the second spot it's The Vamps, also not surprised cause before and after the concert I streamed their songs 24/7, next it's my danish obsession, Citybois since the last year I discovered them, I can't keep playing their awesome songs; in the fourth spot it's another Kpop group, Super Junior, I started to listen their songs the past year due to one of my friends is so passionate about them and she went to their concert and could not stop talking about them, so I decided to check some of their music, and I was really amazed for some of their songs cause they sound like the kind of boyband style songs I love. And finally, in the fifth spot of my favourite artists is my favourite boybanf ever!, One Direction, although they have splited I will never forget their sweet voices and I will continue to wait for a comeback.

Regards, the songs I listened the most during 2018, spotify made a list with these songs and also a recap of the year with the famous Spotify Wrapped Up. So, in these two, the song I had on replay the whole year was Fake Love by BTS, I just don't know what this songs has that is addictive to me, maybe it's the incredible choreography or the impressive music video, but I can not stop to listen it. The second song, DNA, it's also by BTS, a song they performed on 2017 at the AMAS which I only watched cause I was curious about the group every teenager was talking about and also for my friend who loves them, back then I only liked this song but then when they performed at the Billboards 2018 with the song Fake Love, I thought "They are so great, maybe they have more awesome songs like these" and that's when it started my little obsession for these seven boys.

Next, it's one of my favourite songs from CityBois, De Eneste, I talked about this on a month favourite post, even though I do not understand to what they're saying I adore it, it just makes me wanna dance and learn Danish, the forth spot belongs to Super Junior (again KPop, I know) like a mentioned before they have some songs that are my type of music like this one. And lastly I got Blood Sweet & Tears by (again) BTS, a song that it's so catchy to me and a video I can't understand completly but this song is insane.

Here's the playlist with my top songs in case you want to check them out.

Also, I created a Youtube Channel with my sister, Sofia, and we just upload a video guessing the songs from each other's playlist of top songs.

So, that wil be all for this week. Thank you so much for reading!

Let me know in the comments which were the songs you listened the most during 2018.

Bye Bye! :)

Rosa Iveth xx


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¡Qué bellas hermanas! I think I was probably influenced quite a lot by my siblings taste in music, as I'm the youngest of four, so whatever they were listening to, is what I got into first, but as I got older, I always have loved more and more the classics, like whatever the classics are in any genre, lately I'm kinda on a Bryan Adams kick, and because the Captain passed away, the radio played this incredible classic this week
Gracias! Do you speak spanish?
I can relate with the siblin influence in music. That is nice, classics are always good! I know some Bryan Adams songs, they are good. I have not listened about Captain before.
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