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Hello guys! Welcome back to another blog post! Hope you had a good weekend!

Last weekend I went to the movies with my sister to watch for the second time the Love Yourself Live in Seoul Film, the movie I talk you about in another post. I decided to go again cause the first time when the film ended it I stayed with that feeling of wanting to watch it over and over again, due to it really felt like I was in the concert because the audio was so incredible and the high definition screen made me enjoy even more the film.

The day arrived, and I choose to wear a floral burgundy blouse with trumpet sleeves with a pair of jeans and my nude animal print flats, accessorising my outfit with a coral shoulder bag and a little heart shaped necklace.

So, one the cinemas announced two more dates, I didn't hesitate a little and I bought the tickets for me and my sister, she didn't really want to go, but since she's the best she joined me (only for the popcorns). However she went out from the cinema being impressed by the choreographies, the outfits and how much their fans love them, if you would like to see the reaction and hear her opinions, on Friday we'll be uploading a vlog about it on our YouTube Channel: Le Sorelle by Rosy & Sofy.

This time there wasn't a lot of people in the theater since that was the third date and a lot of fans have already watched the movie, so I could enjoy the movie even more than the first time.
Once the movie ended, we were walking towards our next stop when we saw two youtubers (Zuvic Brothers) walking around the zone, they make videos about their travels besides they have done some in Mexico and I like them; so it took us a little while to say "hi" and ask them for a photo.

It was a nice day, we had a lot of fun, I got my sister to know a little bit better my current obsession (BTS) and we met some of our favourite youtubers.

Thank you for reading! Happy Wednesday guys!

See you in the next post! 😚

Rosa Iveth xx




the third column of yourself photo. I like down row and middle one is best
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