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Hello guys! How were your holidays? Hope you had a good time!

I'm back again with a new post about one of my favorite groups at the moment, BTS! The released their new album Map Of The Soul: Persona just a few days ago (April 12th) and I'm already obsessed with their songs, my favorites are Mikrokosmos and Dionysus.

In honor to the new album I asked my sisters to help me with my BTS Persona inspired photo shoot. The album has a pink palette in the four cover versions representing the love for oneself, so that's why I decided to use a pink background and my pink sweater with the word "LOVE" printed on it due to the tittle track has the word in it which is called Boy With Luv and also because in this new album, the boys dedicated songs to their fans, to thank them for their unconditional support and to show how much they love them. Besides wearing pink, I chose to hold a rose on my hand cause in one of their concept version photos, they're holding a red rose.

Hope you liked mu photos, and let me know in the comments which one was your favorite.

Until the next post guys! 😊

Rosa Iveth xx




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