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Love Yourself

Beauty, Life

Hello guys! Welcome back to another post!

Today's post is about self love, I'll give you some reasons why you are beautiful and why you should never compare yourself to others.

I have seen a lot of girls who doesn't think they are beautiful enough to be noticed by their crush, or who constantly are comparing themselves with models, celebs or other girls. And I think that's not okay, we are beautiful the way we are and we shouldn't compare ourselves with other people or pretend to be someone we are not just to like someone, because if someone likes you it's going to be for who you are.

Firstly, the concept of beauty it's subjective, we all have different perceptions of beauty according to our cultures, backgrounds, experiences and other things; what someone would call beautiful for the other person may not, it depends from the viewers perception. And society plays a big role in it cause it's constantly bombarding us through the media about what should be considered beautiful, they present us "the beauty" as some kind of unattainable superficial beauty that is reserved for the most famous people and models who appear on magazine covers wearing tons of makeup and are photoshopped; and that's not the case, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, it would be so boring if we all look the same as if we were pre-fabric dolls with perfect bodies, perfect faces, perfect hair... cause perfect does not exist!!

However, beauty it's not just on the surface, it's more about what's underneath it. Beauty means to be beautiful inside and outside, to accept us as who we are, to embrace our all flaws and enhance our best features, to be down to earth and humble, to accept others as the way they are, to be confident in our own skin and above all to love ourselves.

Lastly, for all means you should never compare yourself to that girl in the magazine or to that boy in that movie, you are beautiful because you're unique and different, there's no one else who looks like you, speaks like you, dress like you, smiles like you... You are special because all these little things make you who you are, are part of you, and make you YOU ❤️

I really hope this post has helped you to understand the importance to accept you just the way you are and to love yourselves.

Thanks so much for reading! :)

Let me know in the comments, what's what you love about you.

Bye! Until next week! 😘

Rosa Iveth xx




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