Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween! 🎃 Did you guys like to wear a costume? What did you do on Halloween?

I personally don't like to wear costumes, I mean like the ones who are to realistic with a lot of makeup and stuff, I prefer simplicity. However, I haven't worn a costume since I was a little kid, I guess because I haven't thought what kind of character I would like to be or maybe because I think it's only for when you are a cute little kid. I still don't know if in the future I will aim to wear a costume, meanwhile I enjoy seeing the children with their tender faces wearing incredible costumes saying "Trick or Treat?" The closest I've been to wear a costume lately is using Snow and Snapchat filters 😅.

Tell me what's the best costume you'd ever seen.

Have a great weekend! 💕

Rosa Iveth xx




It's a fun holiday, I like the decorations and all that, haunted houses are a big thing here, I heard about one in Tennessee I think it was, where it's so scary, they offer a 20,000$ prize if anyone makes it through, and so far nobody has made it through, haha. The weather was so bad here that it put a damper on everything outdoors, so I just watched Halloween and The Shining and stayed indoors warm and dry. Well do you celebrate Día de los Muertos? There is a museum in Chicago all about that and the traditions associated with it. Have a good weekend Rosa <3
Oh that's really interesting, I haven't been in a haunted house, it must be really scary that one. Yes, the weather is usually like that in these days. Classic horror movies, I haven't watched any of those, I'm not a horror movie fan, I rather an action or romance movie. Yes, here in Mexico we celebrate Dia de Muertos, we cook pumpkin, Mexican hawthorn or sweet potato with cinnamon and piloncillo (unrefined brown sugar) and it tastes really good! I put an Ofrenda and I ate Pan de Muerto (like a kind of Mexican bread that is eaten on Dia de Muertos) and the pumpkin sweet with my family.
Thank you! Have a nice week you too! 😊
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