CDMX Open 2018

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Hi everyone! Hope you had an awesome weekend.

This is my first post on this blog and I would like to talk about my experience in this new ATP challenger tournament, CDMX Open in Mexico City. As you may know, I am a huge fan of tennis and I could not miss this opportunity to attend to this tournament. My first one actually!

This was the first time I saw tennis matches and I must say that I love it, it's so different watching tennis on TV than in real life, the way you hear the balls getting hit, or how everyone is excited when their favourite player wins a point, a set and also how you feel your skin being touched by the sunlights (I didn't wear any sunblock and I end up getting sunburned 😅)

My adventure begun the Saturday when there were some qualifier matches, I just saw four matches including the one where the winner of the title played. That was my first day attending a tennis tournament and I want to see more, so I went with my sis the Friday after we had presented a test; we arrived just in time to see the matches of that day, which were on centre court and now there were more fans enjoying professional tennis matches.

Saturday afternoon, me and my sis (again), we attended to the semifinals matches, singles and doubles, this was the most sunny day of the week, there was a lot of excitement in the air to know which players were going to be in the finals. When each match ended I went outside the stadium to try to get a photo with the players, and indeed I got some pics!

The last day of my odyssey was the final day on Sunday, these two matches started earlier than the others of the week, now the stadium was full of people, and you could feel all that excitement. The first match was the doubles in which the Germans Kevin Krawietz and Yannick Hafmann were the ones who won the title in a two set victory. And the final match was between the Argetinian Juan Ignacio Londero and the Ecuatorian Roberto Quiroz, in which the champion was Londero, who played the qualifier matches to enter to this tournament.

It was a spectacular week! Full of energy and happiness. I really enjoyed attending this new tournament and hopefully the next year I'll go. I totally recommend that you add this event in your calendar, and also if you're fan of a sport you should find the opportunity to see it in real life and not only in TV cause you experience the sport from another perspective and plus you can make some friends.

Finally I leave you my photos with the tennis players, I took some other pics let me know if you would like to see them; also I would like that you tell me in the comments the first time you attend a match of the sport you love, and what is your favourite sport?

Until the next post.😘

Rosa Iveth xx




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