BTS 6th Anniversary!


Hello guys! How have you been?

As you can see from the title today's the sixth anniversary of one of the biggest kpop bands right now, BTS (방탄소년단), they debuted on this day six years ago with their song No More Dream, coming from a small company they certainly didn't expect the success they have today, and as proud fan of them I will be dedicating a post to them. 😅

Six years have passed since BTS debuted, it's been an incredible journey and hopefully many more to come! Even though I wasn't part of the ARMY fandom at the beginning, I can assure I will always support them, cause these seven boys stole my heart, I've been an ARMY for nearly two years and every time they just amaze me with their songs and videos. Their music just makes me wanna dance and sing, their lyrics are beautiful and meaningful and OMG those choreographies are so freaking awesome!

So, happy FESTA to BTS and ARMY.

By the way, my album just arrived last week, after a long time, I was so happy when I opened it cause it's my first BTS album and I have already listened it a lot of times, and believe when I say A LOT OF TIMES means the whole day, also the photobook it has, it's so beautiful. I was impressed by the design quality of the album, it's well made and the materials are very good, I would love to be part of their designing team. I treasure my first BTS album with all my heart. 💜

Thank you for reading!

Let me know in the comments your favorite BTS song.

Until the next post!

Rosa Iveth xx


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