April Favourites

Month Faves

Hi guys! A new month has come and I want to write about my fave things from April, from movies to concerts. April has been an exciting month, full of incredible things and meeting new places and people. So here is my five favourite things from this month that has passed.

Avengers: infinity war

I love this movie so much! I do not know if it's well adapted like in the comics, but it's super amazing! With a lot of superheroes from the marvel universe including my favourites, Dr. Strange and Captain America. It has great special effects, scenography, the casting and above all the story, because in this one all the movies are connected. If you have not see it, you should.

De eneste- Citybois

This song is so catchy, I just can't stop listen it. Citybois is a danish band from Denmark, they have some songs in english and others in danish, like this one, I really like their music even though i don't understand most of they're singing. You should give them a try, I know you will be amazed by their style.

No tears left to cry- Ariana Grande

Another addictive song released this month, from the beginning to the end I cant stop but to hum the song. Ariana did an amazing job with this song, in my opinion is one of her best songs. Also the video has a nice aesthetic and outfits.

cdmx open 2018

This week was one of the best! The first time attending a tennis tournament and witness a professional tennis match in a great place, it's one of the best experiences. I wrote a post about it, you can read it here: https://nouw.com/rosaiveth/cdmx-open-2018-33620411

Always Ascending tour

Lastly, the awesome concert of Franz Ferdinand, they sang a lot of songs from their latest album and some of my favourites. This was my first concert of the year and what a way to start the concert season. Also I have a post where I talked about the concert, you can read it here: https://nouw.com/rosaiveth/franz-ferdinand-concert-in-mexico-city-33688085

Thanks for reading :)

I would like you to comment some of your favourites thing from April.

See you the next week!

Rosa Iveth xx




It was interesting yesterday on an old radio countdown to learn when they introduced the song "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia that it had Danish roots.
Wow! I didn't know that. That song is great, thank you for sharing this interesting fact. 😊nouw.com/rosaiveth
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