Uni break coming to an end

Most of you might know that I have been on a massive "summer break" from uni since the end of October (yes it is summer in Australia right now 😜). At my uni you can choose to study all year round or to study all your courses in 2 thirds of the year instead and have 1 third off, so that's what I've done. My next semester starts next week on Monday, so then it's back to spending all my spare time + weekends studying again...

...It doesn't bother me too much though. I really enjoy my courses so far, and I strongly believe that I made the right choice studying environmental science. However, I am going to continue working at my part time job 3 days per week now which is going to make it extra challenging to keep up. Guess time will tell how it goes! 😰😉

Starting uni again next week has made me reflect upon what I have been up to during my summer break (apart from working). I went to Sweden for a month as you have seen in my last post, but I have also spent a considerable amount of time here in Brisbane too! I was going through my photos on my phone today and I thought I might as well share a few memories here on the blog too 😍

It has been Australia Day! Traditionally a day spent drinking and celebrating with your mates while listening to the "Hottest 100 countdown" on the radio, which is basically a summary of the most popular indie/hiphop/alternative songs of the previous year. However, recently Australia Day has gotten a lot of criticism as it is "celebrating" the beginning of brutal events in Australian history which is still hurting the indigenous community. Therefore, me and Alex spent Australia Day going out for food and talking about Australian history instead of partying, and the Hottest 100 countdown was moved to the day after Australia Day.

We have been to numerous exciting bars and eateries around the city!🍸

We have been to UnderWater World which was actually a very pleasant surprise! For a number of years I have been hesitant to go to "zoos" or similar unless of course they are rescue facilities. UnderWater World is not a rescue facility, although they do have rescue seals that performed a show when we were there, and oh my God those seals got to my heart! Watching the seal show made me feel like 8 years old again, the tricks they pulled off were really advanced! All seals had been rescued from the wild (one had suffered a severe shotgun wound???😱) and deemed unsuitable to be released again after treatment, and they seemed to have a pretty sweet life at the park. Apart from rescuing seals, the aquarium also brought attention to the problem with pollution of our oceans: a crucial factor if we are going to enjoy sea life in the future too!

We have been to the beach of course 👇

Celebrated valentines day 💘

And enjoyed life in general! .....As usual 😜