I'M BACK (without a backpack)

More than 30 hours of my life passed getting from Stockholm to Brisbane but I couldn't be happier.

The journey went smooth with no major delays nor troubles. I arrived in Brisbane about 11.30am yesterday and there Alex was waiting for me 😍

We did a small detour to the shopping mall I used to work at to buy something for his parents and it all just came back to me like I had not been gone a day. The roads, the shops, the surroundings, everything was so familiar! Arriving at Alex's parent's house I got greeted by Charlie the dog who barks at strangers but not at me, somehow I felt such joy just from him remembering me 🐶 Meeting Alex's family also felt very natural, like nothing had changed.

Just the fact that nothing about coming back to Brisbane felt alien at all is so relieving. I mean, just because you felt comfortable somewhere once doesn't mean you will do so forever. Of course I have been worried that coming back to Australia a second time would never be as good as the first time, but those fears have gone away now. I feel as welcome and as at home as ever.

At the moment the time is just about lunch time, 12:06pm and I can't say I'm jet lagged anymore. Staying awake last night was hard as I did not really get much sleep on the plane. I had a nap during the day as well and went to bed about 9pm. I just couldn't stay awake any longer. About 12 hours later I woke up and the jet lag was gone 💪

After breakfast me and Alex took Charlie for a walk, and even though he's about 77 dog years old he goes mental as soon as you say the word "walk" (the reason he wouldn't stay still in the picture). The area around here is so lovely, not only do they have an ocean-view from their kitchen and living room in the house, there is also a lovely walk along the beach prepared with drinking water for the dogs and so on. 😍

Would be totally keen to just hang around the house and the beach this weekend but there's a birthday party going down to celebrate my former house mate Caitlin and another friend Jim that we are going to tonight. 

I guess there's really no rest for the wicked ✨