Can't tell if I'm on holiday or home!

Home Sweet Home..

I feel like I have been saying that a lot recently. I have just come back home to Australia, from my home in Sweden. I visited my family and friends in Gothenburg, which was my home for 9 months last time I lived in Sweden. Furthermore, I visited in my home town and stayed at mum's house which was my home for 19 years.

Having so many places to call home can be a bit shattering, as I realise my heart won't ever again belong to just one place. However, I prefer to look at it as a privilege:

I have had the opportunity to settle for a while in so many different, amazing places that I feel like I belong everywhere and nowhere. Security and freedom at the same time!

In total, me and Alex spent a bit over three weeks in Sweden this time around. We arrived just before Christmas, and returned at the beginning of this week (15th January). We landed in Stockholm in the the afternoon of the 20th of December, and decided to stay a night there before continuing our journey up to northern Sweden. Of course, we stayed at our favourite hotel: Downtown Camper. 😍 Not only because of it's cozy vibe and central location, but for the amazing breakfast buffet! β˜• You won't believe how amazing it is to enjoy a proper Swedish breakfast after a long time overseas!

After some shopping and some "fika" (coffee) in Gamla Stan (Old town, Stockholm) we headed to the airport where we met up with mum before getting on the flight to northern Sweden together. A few hours later we arrived at grandma's cabin, as magical and gingerbread-y as always ✨

It was incredible to get to celebrate Christmas in literally the most Christmas-y environment ever (sorry Australia, you're lovely but you'll never be Christmas-y). It has been a bit of a tradition to go to the cabin every year for Christmas as I grew up, but it still doesn't fail to impress me every time I go there. Furthermore, it is of course extra special when Alex is able to come and experience the extreme lifestyle of the north together with me. β›„

After a week in the snow we travelled south again. Alex went to England over New Year's while I celebrated together with my brothers and friends in Gothenburg. Alex returned to Sweden on his birthday, 5th January and we booked a nice hotel in the city and went out for a few drinks to celebrate. 🍻 The following week we took the train to my home town, Nykâping, mainly to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday (huge success 🌟) before heading back to Australia.

Overall I couldn't have wished for a better holiday period. I got to return to Sweden and get cure for my home sickness until next time again. I got to celebrate the holidays with the people I love. I got to meet up with very missed friends. And of course me and Alex got a chance to do what we do best: escape the everyday life to explore different horizons.πŸ’—

Best of all: I discovered coming home from a holiday isn't so bad when you live in paradise 🌴