Busy City life

Hi there! Initially intended to update here a lot earlier but have been so busy since we moved in to the city that I just haven't found time to do it, but here's a quick recap: πŸ‘‡πŸ‘

Friday 29th June: We picked up a rental van and packed all our stuff.

Saturday 30th June: We waved goodbye to the house in Victoria point and headed with three cars towards the city (Alex's parents we're kind enough to pack their car full of stuff as well so we wouldn't have to make two trips). We spent all day moving in to our new home and then celebrated with a gorgeous dinner at the local restaurant featuring cocktails on fire and tapas. 😍

Monday 2nd July: We spent the whole week enjoying the perks of living in the city, including going out for dinner with friends, having a late night BBQ on the rooftop, seeing friends for drinks and trivia!🍸🍴

Saturday 7th July: We took a cab to the Teneriffe festival and enjoyed food, drinks, music, piggy racing and heaps of other entertainment before going out to watch the World Cup 🐷

We have also had time to visit Warner Bro's Movie World, a paradise of crazy roller coasters, super heroes and entertainment, so there is no denying we have been enjoying our new location to the fullest!

As if that wasn't enough, in the middle all this, uni has officially stared for me! Yep, Monday 9th July was my first day and I am already deep into studying genetics and evolutionary biology, bio-chemistry, earth systems and so on. Even though it is a bit daunting to start a science degree at a foreign university, it is also very exciting! 😍