Beautiful Sweden

It is now only 1.5 hours until my plane departs from Stockholm Arlanda Airport towards a completely different life.🛫

I have been receiving a lot of calls and text messages from my lovely friends and family today who are all wondering the same thing: am I nervous? And I guess I should be, it would be pretty sane to be nervous about leaving everything I know behind and starting up a new life from scratch (that's a lie, I've got Alex and his amazing family to support me, but except for that).
Fact is I'm not nervous at all though.

It's not like this decision to move happened recklessly overnight without any rational thought nor planning involved. I have been processing this for nine months. 9 months! That's enough to conceive a child Goddammit! ~Jokes aside, I have been really serious when looking at my options and I have become completely sure that I can and that I will do this. Study in Australia. And now there's just no reason to be nervous anymore.

I have been longing to return to Brisbane ever since I left in August last year, and now it is finally happening (well, I'll need to endure 27 hours on a plane first)! I can't tell you how excited and geateful I am to be able to life my dream life 🌏😍

Anyway, I felt like I haven't been fair to Sweden here on the blog as I haven't updated at all since I came home. Therefore, I feel a need to do Sweden justice by posting a few beautiful moments from my time in Sweden, this time around.  Enjoy!

Funäsdalen ski holiday

Sälen ski holiday

Brunch at Lotta's place

Easter celebrations in Sammakko. Lukas and his girlfriend Emelie

Grandma taking a walk in the northern forests

Emelie and I petting Ronja by the sauna in Sammakko

My mother and I on a snow mobile adventure up Jertta mountain

Myself enjoying the first rays of sun this year at our apartment in Gothenburg

Brunch in Gothenburg

Range Rover Sport that we rented to go to Denmark

Weekend in Denmark with Sanna, Dennis, Jack and Fredrik (behind the camera)

Weekend in Stockholm with the family

My mother and two brothers @ TAK Rooftop Bar & Lounge in Stockholm

Moules frittes @ Belgian bar in Stockholm

Aperrol Spritze!

First BBQ for the season (the meat was not for me, no need to ask)

Brothers Simon and Lukas in Södermalm, Stockholm

Gamla stan, Stockholm

Home made Strawberry Daiquiri with bestie Alexsandra

Botanical Gardens, Gothenburg

Picnic in the Botanical Gardens with Maria, Emelie and Lukas

Generous Swedish breakfast at grandma's place in Malmö, Sweden

I am so grateful for my time in Sweden, the weather was completely shit 8 out of 9 months to be honest but the last month of sunshine made up for it! 😉☀️

More than anything I have made amazing friends and I hope that I will be able to see them again soon. ❤️

The lady on the speakers at the airport is now calling for boarding, 1.5 hours passed by quickly while writing this post! See you soon Brisbane!

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