It's that time of the year: the time when my babe gets time off from work and gets on the next plane to wherever in the world we want to be! ✈

This time we reunited in Brisbane, which made this trip a little different from when we have traveled together before. As I live here now, and Alexsandra has been in Brisbane before, we decided not to travel around so much this time and take some time just to kick back and enjoy the holidays a bit more. Normally, we would have rented a van or something and done a heap of touristy stuff. This time, we kind of stayed in and around Brisbane and valued other things such as: sleep-ins 💤, the local pubs and clubs 🎶, waking up in our own place 🔒, not having to carry around luggage 💪, and in general enjoying the luxury of doing nothing ✨.

Sounds boring? Hells no, we still got up to stuff! As per usual, Alexsandra timed her b-day perfectly with her holiday and my awesome uni squad helped me arrange a surprise party for her! It was so much fun, I have never arranged a surprise party before but it turned out to be a success! 🎈

We also spent some time down in Surfer's paradise as Alex (the boyfriend that is), (aaaargh there are so many "Alexs'" in my life 😱😂) had a huge, gorgeous hotel room there for work (though the second night he ditched us and went to stay in another hotel in a national park so we had to book into a hostel......).

Surfer's paradise definitely grew on me on this trip. I always thought it was a bit tacky, like, the people there have seemed pretty "douchey" and the place could be pretty shallow. This time around, we met some really good people, had a really fun stay and I must admit the beach is just gorgeous!

Back in Brisbane, it was time to man-up: we we're invited to play paintball with my uni squad! 👊 Neither me nor Alexsandra knew what to expect as we had never played before. I think Alexsandra was definitely less scared to try it than me though! I was seriously considering to chicken-out multiple times! Nontheless I found myself in some military gear and with a gun in my hand ready to go to war. 900 bullets later we got of the field. Even though it was slightly terrifying and very painful to get hit, the adrenaline made up for it and it was so much fun! If it wasn't so expensive I could do this every weekend 😍

In the last few days we made sure to get a good view of the city that had been hosting us and went to three different look-out points around Brisbane. We got to see way more than we came for though, as we looked up to see Venus, Jupiter, the half-full moon, Saturn and Mars lined up on the twilight sky above us! That is 4 out of 5 possible planets to be seen from Earth! I have always been a bit of a space nerd, me and my mother always use to try and get a glimpse of astronomical events, so this absolutely blew my mind! Mars being bright and read, Venus being bright and white, while Saturn and Jupiter appeared as large stars. Magical 🌟

Finally, on the very last day of Alexsandras visit, we gave in to tourism and went to the most Aussie place around: Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo.

It was sad to say goodbye on Wednesday night as it felt like the two weeks we had went by so quickly, though at the same time we both had commitments to return to with work, uni, and of course Alexsandra's cat 🐱. Even though it is rough to say bye when living on the other side of the planet I know that I will see her again soon as I am coming home for Christmas this year. Also, this babe has proven that she can keep her promise to visit me over and over again, so I don't have to worry too much 😉

Thanks for an amazing two weeks Alexsandra 😘 See you next time! x