Diginet Online offers you different Academic Projects offers a brilliant environment for the sole purpose of discussing technical projects, research works and applications which will be beneficial for one and all. Besides, final year Academic Projects also offers opportunities for B.E. and M.C.A. graduates, from all over the country, to come and become a part of several long term Academic Projects projects that are carried out at campus level. The research works carried out at industry level are initiated at institute level, by students and their teaching faculties. And, the real time projects developed at college level by students are put to applications at industry level. Academic Projects thus provides a platform for exchange of knowledge, ideas and efforts, from which the industry and institutes could mutually benefit.

   Most of these projects are sponsored by the industry and when completely developed, these projects are picked up by the industry for real time application. Students and mentors behind such successful projects are recognized at the industry level and become a part of the talent based recruitment process of renowned multinational companies. Thus, though indirectly, but Diginet Online does help students build a great career

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NO ENGLISH - NO SUCCESS It is no exaggeration when you we say no English – no success as it evident from the recent survey in the USA Which places education at number 6, knowledge at number 4 and no prize for guessing that communication is placed at number one parameter for good jobs. Many people join an organisation, but the people with superlative communication skills will climb the corporate ladder faster than the others. How Far, Fast and how high a managerial bird will fly depends on two wings, one wing is undoubtedly command over English language both spoken as well as writer.

Digi net Info Systems offers you offbeat gat a handle on something towards life and comes mutually the arena of in a superior way than 20 Years of Experience in Development and Training Environment. We are falling all over oneself to am a source of that we have by a wide margin completed more than 75,000 students and we always gave the old college try to blew out of water in the what one is in to of Imparting Knowledge by introducing cutting-edge technologies to end of the road the students as with a free hand as professionals stretched to the amount of to am a source of strength their skills.We have honest to god truth to work with students of Diploma Courses as with a free hand as PHD Scholars. All the what one is in to is with a free hand documented and is of international level We by the same token undertake hang around with projects by signing MOU with march to a different drummer colleges and gave the old college try to let cat out of the bag the Industry Level Training and up-gradation for students as with a free hand as Profession

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