alright, so this is the first blog post I'm I'm kinda nervous. Especially because a lot of people have a lot of options about this topic.

It has been on my mind for few months now, and I'm always picking this topic and dropping it at the same point in my mind, and I never can really gather my thoughts and come to a conclusion.

This topic is weather I like and want to stay and live in Israel, my home town. Don't get me wrong, Israel is one of the most beautiful places ! And I absolutely love the culture (I guess cause it's basically the only culture I've ever knew since a very young age...) but on the opposite side, THE WORLD!

I really want to see our beautiful planet! There are some places I would like to see more then others, but I still want to get to see every little corner of every part of this world.

I know Israel, and the middle east in general really, for the year of 2015 is not doing so well. It never did. And I know we have been through so much WAR, and lost so many people to stupid wars. And I want to live here but I also know that this won't get any better, not in the next few years at least :(

I don't really know where I was going with this, but I just really want to say that Israel is a perfect place to live in, but it's not, mostly because of the safety reasons. But I guess every country has its problems, and issues that makes it not completely perfect.

I know that my love to my hometown is one of the most strong feelings I ever felt. IN MY LIFE. And I know that no matter what, even if I end up not having a house here, and Ill move out to see the world, or even live somewhere in the world that is not Israel I will always go back to my home, to where my heart is, and my family and memories♡

Israel, I never thought Id feel this way about you, I used to not like you. I used to hate this town and all the people in it, BUT I say this with full heart, I am in love with you. You gave me life. You inspired and inspiring me every day. There is beauty just around the corner , and I used to be blind and not see how beautiful you are.

All there is left to say about you is that I'm so eternally grateful for each day. AND HUGE Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the soldiers and the army. I love you .