Steps on How to Make an Effective Job Application Letter to Be Easily Received

When you are looking for work, of course what you need to make when applying for work is a job application letter. Job application letter is an important point that determines whether you are accepted to work in the place you are applying for or not. You contoh surat lamaran kerja certainly have to promote yourself properly without the need for making it up which of course is an added value for companies that will accept work.

You certainly have to write a job application letter well so that the possibility of being accepted at the company you want is even greater. This is because so many people need jobs but there are not enough jobs available. So to enter the company that you want can be difficult because of intense competition.

The following tips on writing a job application letter so that your chances are accepted even greater.

Read carefully the requirements needed in the vacancy. This is needed so that the contents of your job vacancy letter do not go out of context.

Write a job application letter with the word which is the standard language according to the Big Indonesian Dictionary.

Use words that are easy to understand, concise, concise, clear, polite, and interesting.

The purpose of the letter must be clear. The name you are destined for must ensure the correct spelling of the name, title, and title, as well as the company address.

After you finish writing the job application letter. Read again, making sure there are no typos. Use good grammar and correct, and no words are often repeated.

Whether it's a handwritten or written job application letter, make sure the paper you are using is clean. There is no dirt, trapped marks, erased marks, ex-tip marks, or any of these impurities.

If you write a job application letter in hand, make sure your writing is legible. Avoid using concatenated writing. Groove your hands using tissue when writing so that the paper does not get dirty or suddenly fold.

Once you know the tips for writing a job application letter so that the opportunity is accepted is greater, see how to write a job application letter below.

Generally the way to write a job application letter to be submitted wherever the contents are the same. Both how to make a job application letter online, how to make a job application letter at the bank, and how to make a job application letter at the company

Steps to make a job application letter:

1. The place and date of writing the letter.

2. Dear name of person along with their title and position or company. Full company address.

3. Greetings respect

4. Preface / opening

In your preface or opening letter in a job application letter you must specify where you get information about the job openings at the company you are aiming for. Either from newspapers or the internet, or your friends.

Mention the job position you choose if the company requires a lot of new employees.

5. Personal data

Write your full name, place and date of birth, full address, telephone number or mobile number, E-Mail, Education (not required)

If you want to write your educational background, just write your highest educational background.

6. Your work experience and abilities

If you have worked before, write your work before. If you have never worked (fresh-graduate) do not need. Write also your abilities that are needed if the company.

7. Closing

In this closing write to your readers that you have a strong desire to be accepted at the company. Don't forget to say Thank you.

8. Attachment to job application letter

So that the company you are aiming for is more sure to accept you, attach also things that can add to your value. Things that should be present as attachments are:

Passport photo (most recent photo)

Photocopy of KTP

Curriculum Vitae

Photocopy of the last diploma

Photocopy of competency certificate (course or training you have attended)

9. Sincerely, (Your signature and full name)

After you know how to create a job application letter, you can see examples of job application letters here.