​With the growing number of educational institutions that offer coding classes for kids, choosing where to sign your kids up can be quite a challenge. With Singapore being one of the most competitive countries in the STEM field, it’s not surprising that a lot of firms are starting to offer coding classes specifically crafted for young children. While this level of computing is not yet taught in every local school, third party service providers are more than willing to bridge the gap.

This is exactly what RippleCreate is trying to accomplish: bridge the gap between the traditional school’s lack of advanced computing classes and introduce kids to a fun and educational field of coding. RippleCreate believes that education should always keep pace with the times. And as the current trends point towards making technology more useful to humans, starting kids young in coding could easily help them get ahead of the game.

A lot of experts theorize that in just a decade or two, companies will already need personnel for positions that weren’t up for grabs before. Entirely new fields in STEM, information technology, and business among many others will be created and need competent professionals to get the job done. Most of these  jobs will be completely different from what are available today, so letting kids start young in learning how to code could give them a leg up in the competition.

But why should you choose RippleCreate? Being relatively new in the game, some parents may have doubts about what this company can do. But since almost every player in the field of teaching kids the basics of coding is also a new startup, their company’s age can’t be the sole basis of their expertise.

RippleCreate stands out because of its capability to make learning fun. Each of their programs are specifically designed to engage kids and make them learn coding in a fun way. They also offer a variety of courses, so in case you’re not sure that your little one will love coding, they can still choose from other educational classes that will enhance their knowledge in computing.

Alongside coding, RippleCreate can also teach the following to your kids:

1. Drone control and maneuvering.

With drones ushering a new era, letting kids learn how to control, maneuver, and understand them is essential to get them more interested in this cutting edge tech.

2. Robotics basics, including space robotics and aeronautics.

Robotics is definitely in the future of today’s children so robotics classes for kids are essential. Not only will they be taught the basics of robotics, but they’ll also have hands on experience, making learning more fun and exciting.

3. 3D design and printing.

3D printing may be a new technology, but it is a very promising one, making it a great area for your child to be very familiar with.

Every course from RippleCreate is taught in fun and exciting ways, so you can be sure that your little one will have a blast and want to learn more.

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