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Outdoor parties are the high light of the summer, but there are a few things you can always use to take your party to the next level. The whole point is to keep your guests well fed, and entertained. Check out 5 things you should have at your back yard blow out that will ensure a great time!

1. Slip n Slide

I know you may think these things are for babies, but I've seen tons of adults have a great time with em. If you don't have a pool, its a fun way to entertain at your back yard party!

2. Sparklers

They're the safest firework you can possibly get, ANDDDD they look great in pictures. Get em out when the fireflies come out for some sparkly entertainment!

3. Cornhole

You loved playing it when you were a kid- and chances are it's even funner as an adult with a beer in your hands. Corn hole is the best because you can play with 2-10 people and still have a blast! Try making one at home, or finding one with your fav sports team logo!

4. What do you MEME or Cards Against Humanity

Two amazing fun adult friendly board games that will make you laugh your butt off. Certainly geared towards the millennial crowd, but a blast none the less for any age!

5. A Hoverboard

Although these things are supposed to be used ne at a time, they provide hours of joy to anyone watching. They are so funny to get people to try for the first time, and watching friends and family try to master these things will make hours pass of fun go by in a flash. The hovertrax is a great starter hoverboard- and it can go in the yard!



Skin Care, Anti Aging


I thought I easily had until my thirties to start worrying about ant aging skin care, however I recently realised I was wrong about that. Like many women who don't exactly fit in their high school jeans anymore, I noticed my sagging jawline was becoming bothersome.

When searching for options to combat this issue, I came across the magically technique of facial toning. This cool new treatment is turning back the hands of time for women all over the world. So what is it? Facial toning is a process of toning and firming the skin to reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and of course those sagging necklines.


Facial toning uses technology called microcurrents to firm your skin. A microcurrent facial will deliver gentle electronic pulses to you skin.

These puslses simulate the current that occur naturally in your skin, to produce more collagen and improve skin elasticity. These small currents slow down as we age, causing our skin to sag and wrinkles to appear. That is why facial toning is called the 'natural facelift' because it improves your skin the way a facelift would, without going under the knife.


After all my research I was pretty excited to test out this skin saving facial, and I began to look up derms in my area. Though women who wanna look younger are willing to shell out for tons of anti aging techniques, facial toning is pretty expensive to have done by a esthetician.

Individual treatments range around $150, however facial toning is not a one time treatment type of deal. To get dramatic results you'l need to do anywhere from 8-10 treatments, setting you back about 1k roughly. If you're like me and that is WAYYYY out of your price range, you can do facial toning your self at home!


Along with the invention of the handy dandy microcurrent facial device, women everywhere can afford to try out this revolutonary facial in the privacy of their own home.

The absolute best facial toning device on the market right now has got to be the NuFACE. It was invented by a ritzy LA dematologists who recognized her clients desires to get facial toning treatments on the go. The NuFACE has been dubbed the "5 minute facelift" because all you need is 5 minutes a day to tone your way to firmer skin.

Her creation of the hand help facial toning device has helped women everywhere get amazing looking skin on the go! And the best part about the NuFACE? It cost less than HALF of what a session of micro current facials would cost you at an in office visit. And you can do em in your PJs!

The NuFACE is awesome because you can use it with their innovative anti aging attachments to target specific issues like wrinkle reduction, or the smaller senstive areas around your eyes. For me, just the basic facial toning device is all I need, but it's nice to have the option down the road as I age.

They've also recently come out with a NuFACE mini, which is like their entry level device that only does facail toning. Its great because it's teeny tiny, easy to travel with, and costs about the SAME as one facial from a dermatologist! If that isn't technology working in our favor, then I don't know what is!


While NuFACE isn't the only facial toning device, it is the best. I haven't tried any other brand, but I will say after 12 weeks using the NuFACE my skin looks better than it did in high school! My neck line has improved dramatically and the jowls that were forming around my chin have been banished!

Before choosing my microcurrent toner device, I did some in depth research into NuFACE's product offereings. While I decided to go with the OG NuFACE trinity (so that I can use attachments some day) the NuFACE mini is a great entry level device. If you are just wanting to tone sagging skin, the facial toner is the way to go, but if you wanna combat deep wrinkles, crows feet, or smile lines, get the Trinity with their attachments. Either way it'll cost less than a trip to the derm, and you skin will thank you!