You are not on a quest to seek happiness in life because it can start with you. Your every decision in life can lead you to happiness if you wanted to and such joy should be shared to everyone in your home including your pets. There are a lot of reasons in life to be happy about, but since this post focuses on your dog’s happiness, we are going to discuss ways on how to make sure of your dog’s happiness throughout its life.

Being with your pet dog gives the feeling of safety and you can really feel its unending love and care for you. Your dog plays a huge role in keeping your whole family safe, so in return for its loyalty, you must always keep it happy and healthy too.

Here are the following tips made by South Bellmore Veterinary Group that can help you increase your dog’s happiness:

Treat your dog with presents

Your dog would definitely appreciate the action of giving it some gifts. However, giving it many toys at once might not be a practical idea, so South Bellmore Veterinary Group advises to keep other newly bought toys in a safe cabinet instead. Every time your dog loses interest to its current toys, you can simply give it the toys stored in your cabinet and your dog will think that they are brand new and will be very excited and happy about it.

Go outside

If there’s a lovely weather outside, take advantage of it and take your dog for a walk too. Create short yet beautiful memories in a different setting. You and your dog can also relax at the park located in your neighborhood after going in for a short or long walk.

Train your dog well

A dog can learn new techniques with no problems at all, and while you’re having an important training with your dog, it also creates a bonding time between you and your pet and results to meaningful memories. Your dog will surely acquire new knowledge and memories that it can treasure for a lifetime, which can bring a smile to its face whenever it remembers such moments. You can depend on the expertise of a certified pet trainer to ensure a better training for your dog.

Make it clean always

Both humans and animals need a regular bath to avoid irritation or some kind of allergens. Your dog might not be cooperative at first but by taking things one step a time, you can surely make it love taking a bath. In particular, wash it at least two to three times a month as a first and then do it more often the following months until it gets used to being washed. However, this step should take into account the breed of your dog.

Let your dog socialize

Your dog would also be happy by making more friends. Introduce it to other people along with their pets within your neighborhood to help it improve its self-esteem as well. But some dogs are very shy about meeting different people or animals, so make it as a slow process for your dog while thinking about its character too.

Follow a proper diet

Following a healthy diet for your dog will surely make it a healthy animal. If you’re unsure which foods are the best for your dog, do some research on books or through online, or better contact your veterinarian for some helpful advice. But if you’re going to do it alone, remember that the age and weight of your dog should be considered in choosing which food to include in its healthy diet.

Visit your vet regularly

It is important that a professional is also monitoring the health of your dog and making sure that it is in good shape all the time. With the added professional care from your vet, you can be certain of the healthy tomorrow of your dog. You can visit your vet twice a year for a thorough checkup of your dog.

Be a good example

A happy owner means a happy pet. At the end of the day, it is you that needs to learn happiness even from the smallest things so that you can share that joy with your loved ones including your pet dog. South Bellmore Veterinary Group would like you to build a positive and cheerful environment for your dog, and you should also lead a good life because your dog will surely follow your footsteps.

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From being a cute little being into a big and strong animal, watching your pet grow is really a wonderful journey. Similar to humans, senior pets need more attention, care, and love. The progress made in veterinary medicine made it easier to achieve longer and better lives for your pets. Understand that as time passes, changes were necessary to ensure the good health of your loved animals.

The pet’s genetics, diet, and environment are some of the factors to consider in ensuring the healthy aging of your pets. Telling whether the pet belongs to the senior group or not depends on some indicators, and one is if the pet is 6-10 years old or 11-14 years old for cats. Give your pets with wisdom and affection all the time as well so that they will live longer.

You can maintain the healthy condition of your older pets and this post prepared by South Bellmore Veterinary Group will help you. The first thing that you need to make sure of is the regular checkup of your pet to its vet. You are still advised to have your older pets go through checkups at least twice a year even though they look very healthy. You can see obvious changes on pets once they got older and it can be about their age or disease-related. You will notice a decrease in activity and reduced vision and hearing, along with an increase in sleeping on senior pets. And when it comes to diseases, early diagnosis can prevent minor or major diseases such as kidney or heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, dental problems or cognitive dysfunction.

With the skills of your trusted vet, he will notice if there were subtle changes in your pets which can also mean some health problems since pets are often very good at hiding pain and illnesses. You should be quick in noticing if there are changes happening to your senior pets and contact your vet once you notice a few changes in your pet’s behavior, energy level, appetite, thirst, toilet habits or mobility.

Second, give your pets a proper diet. Both humans and animals need to maintain a well-balanced diet in order to stay healthy. Experts suggest high-nutrient, easily-digested foods especially to senior pets because this age group have a slower metabolism and need fewer calories. You can ask your vet for a list of quality pet food brands, ingredients or some formulas that can help improve the medical condition of your older pets.

The third is looking after the weight of your pets. If you’re giving the proper amount of nutrition to your pets then their healthy weight is guaranteed. As much as possible, overfeeding shouldn’t be done on your senior pets because this can increase the risk of cancer and other diseases and this can as well put stress on your pet’s joints and even shorten their lifespan. You and your vet should make sure of the proper monitoring of your pet’s weight every checkup.

The fourth highlights the pivotal role of physical activity. You don’t need to make your pets do extreme activities to tell that they’re doing proper exercise, even mild activities are enough especially for older pets. You can have short walks with them, swim with your dogs or simply play with your cats. Physical activity is crucial to ensure a healthy weight and heart and slowing joint degeneration. When your pets seem tired, quickly stop the activity since you don’t want to put a lot of burden on them, right? Their mental health, on the other hand, is also as important as their physical health. South Bellmore Veterinary Group suggests making sure to do regular mental exercise as well that may include interactive toys or food puzzles.

Fifth is about their oral health. You also need to put attention on the dental hygiene of your senior pets. You don’t want them to have gum disease, infection, and other related diseases, right? So whenever you visit your vet, see to it that he does some professional cleaning to your pets. You should do in-home brushing too in between cleanings.

Our sixth important thing to remember is that animals need comfort and safety. Put aside dangerous objects on the path of your senior pets. You can install baby gates to ensure their safety whenever you leave them at home. Place all their basic needs downstairs if they are having a hard time climbing the stairs or if the pet has arthritis. You may also consider putting stepstools or pet ramps. Make the litter boxes reachable to your older pets as well, and create a soft sleeping place for them too with more blankets or heated pet bed.

Lastly, send your love to your pets through physical touches. You can give them a good belly rub or a gentle massage. Spending quality time together doesn’t need to be expensive or requires a lot of time, grooming them yourself can be enough bonding time. Don’t forget to give them big hugs whenever you got home from work or school since according to South Bellmore Veterinary Group it would mean a lot to your pets. Show your affection through simple things.



When it comes to your treasured animals, simply choosing a random vet without careful planning might not give them the best care they deserve. You need to understand that this process requires time and patience. You also need to look up on a few things in choosing the right vet which surely include your current situation and lifestyle. Nowadays, many pet owners use a holistic approach in keeping the best health of their pets.

With the help of South Bellmore Veterinary Group, this article targets to help you in finding the right vet for your pets with simple and easy-to-follow tips. You must take this seriously as if you’re searching for a good family doctor for yourself. Choose the physician that makes you and your pets at ease.


As stated earlier, your lifestyle greatly contributes to your decision, but also, of course, the needs of your pets. It is much better if the style and training of the veterinarian match your belief and the needs of your pets. Veterinarians can also vary from their area of specialization where others focus on dermatology, while some on nutrition or integrative medicine. If your pet was considered exotic, then choose a vet that has a special training for that kind of animal. Veterinarian medicine has now developed to include different practices such as holistic care, acupuncture as well as having a raw diet for your pets. In learning on how to cook delicious food for your lovely pets, you should seek the guidance of someone with a nutrition background.


If the vet offers more scope for convenience then it would be very helpful for you and your pets. Try to find a location that has weekend and evening hours which is also close to work or home. It can be an advantage as well if the place offers book appointments online and drop-off care. If an emergency care is not available in a certain place, determine if it has a relationship with others that provide that kind of service.


You should choose a vet that offers a friendly pet care and environment as well. A number of animal hospitals and offices have been using “fear free practices” that may include having a special waiting room for cats or using pheromone plug-ins or sprays that can calm down animals. South Bellmore Veterinary Group builds a lasting relationship with the owners and their pets all the time, so it is also advised for you to have positive, good relationships with the doctors, vet techs, and front office staff. It would be lovely to have an extended family within the vet group, right?

Pet service

Part of your task in finding the right vet includes determining the vet’s offered services. You might be interested in an animal hospital that provides prescription refill by mail, boarding and injectable and flavored medications, or a place that has a good dental care equipment. And regarding this matter, dentistry had been a huge consideration for many physicians in the past years, and since then, they have been doing more dentistry and dental procedures. You can also rely on a vet that offers packages that may consist of vaccines and a complimentary dose of heartworm medication for a new puppy or kitten. Whoever you choose, it would be a bonus if he can direct you to a puppy trainer as well.

South Bellmore Veterinary Group also believes that you need to put some effort in finding the right vet for your pets, so do your own research and find online reviews as well, but don’t solely base your decisions on the testimonials of people. You must witness on your own how the physician interacts with the owners and their pets and how the pets see the doctor. Determine if the vet and his place offer overnight boarding too and if it has good preventive care plans or insurance resources.