My goals for 2018


I must admit the first month of the year has gone a little too fast, it is almost February already! It's is due time for me to reflect upon what my goals are for 2018; what do I want to achieve to make this year a year to remember (for all the right reasons).


Improve as a photographer. This is obviously an important goal this year, seeing as the plan is for me to live off my photography business down the line. This means practice, practice, practice and just keep on fine-tuning everything from planning a shoot, taking images and editing.


Learn everything I need to know about owning a boat. We bought a boat (I first wrote "we boat a boat" ops!) from Erik's uncle that has been in the family for 50 years. It is a Solö Lyx II and I can't wait spending sunny summer days out in the archipelago this summer, eating shrimps and drinking wine. However, I know nothing, nada, zero about boats and boat life. I therefore need some serious schooling from my captain if I am to be of any help.


Become a good great dog-owner. Obviously this will only apply if we are lucky enough to find and get a puppy some time during this year. You never know how long that process might take... If we are to welcome a puppy in to our family, I want to be the best dog-owner I possibly can be to ensure the puppy have a happy home and to ensure we train the puppy the best we can.


Seize the opportunities that lays in front of me. I need to challenge myself on this point. Things that might seem scary, because I am lacking courage and self-confidence, could be great opportunities that are not to be missed. It can be business-related or simply personal, whatever it is, I need to be better at just jumping into it and give it my all. The worst that can happen is that is becomes a massive failure, but you learn from the experiences you have, not the ones you miss out on.


Become a better cook. I have plenty of time to dig my nose into those cook books and challenge myself with new, exciting recipes. It is always fun when you master something new! I also want to become better at baking and doing things from scratch.


Take care of myself, both physically and mentally. Let's start with the obvious things such as working and and eating healthy. That's on the list for sure. But more importantly work on my self-feeling, my confidence and the way I view myself. So important!

Do you have any goals for 2018?

All the best, Renate.



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