If you have a small business, then you can manage the humanresource by yourself, but with large corporations, some of them create wholedivisions intended for searching and maintaining the right staff. Wallace &Associates Inc strongly believes that one must possess requiredknowledge and determination to be successful in this path.Problems involved in managing HR is unavoidable, but most of them can beresolved if one has good organizational skills, good attitude, is alwaysethical, precise and tactful, and has the ability to constantly communicatewith the members of the company.

Everything has its place and even misplaced or lost files willeventually have their value. Nowadays, the internet is already an integral partof our lives, so large corporations with HR intranet software or intranetportal is common. Dealing with different issues at the same time could happenanytime to an HR manager, thus the ability to multitask is necessary.

There would be a lot of pressure to decide an outcome to indistinctsituations, including thorough thinking on when to make a firm decision, andwhen to ask coworkers or managers for help. Wallace & Associates Singaporewants you to note that improving your negotiation and mediation skills is thekey to such problems as well as learning how to properly manage conflicts.

Balancing should be of high priority in managing human resourcesbecause there will come a time when you need to protect the individual, butshould also enforce the policies of the company at the same time. Creatingcritical decisions is not easy but you need to balance everything to have acivil outcome.

Indeed, communication skills are as important as those mentionedabove because HR management needs to keep everyone on the same page. Wallace & Associates understands thatHR management is really a challenging job, so the firm offers services toassist employers with their HR practices and strategies to organizationalvalues in order to drive business growth and productivity. The members of thefirm are proven effective to their work because they are getting good reviewsfrom different clients and are receiving no complaints throughout their yearsof service.

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Great benefits await your business if you hire a legal consultant.Some might say that law doesn't really affect their business and everythingwill be fine as long as they stay on the right side of rules and regulations.With this, they are confident that they will not face any problems with thelaw. However, change is constant, and those rules and regulations are not anexception.

As previously stated on their posts, Wallace & Associatesfinds it crucial to hire a legal consultantfor your business. One of the reasons why is because you can be on the wrongside of the law if you are not abreast with its latest developments. Nowadays,there's a huge demand for legal consultants, so it's no surprise that a lot ofpeople coming out of law school are heading into consultancy firms.

Wallace & Associates in Singapore prepared thefollowing to highlight the importance of legal consultants and why you need onefor your business today:

More affordable

The cost is cheaper if you're going to hire a legal consultantbecause you're not going to pay the cost of a full-time lawyer in needing someform of legal representation for your business. You can save money if you'regoing to use a consultancy firm. You will not face legal issues in yourbusiness all the time, and hiring a full-time lawyer is not that necessary. Youjust need someone to support you in the case of need.

Can offer advice on unexpectedsituations

Unforeseen situations can happen anytime and one example is whenan employee is suffering from bereavement. Looking at the legal aspect ofsituations like this is essential as a business owner. It is how long and underwhat terms bereavement leave can be granted in this case. Wallace &Associates needs you to note that you're not under a legal obligation to offerpaid leave assuming that the employee will not continue working when his or herloved one has passed away. A legal consultant can offer you an expert advicewhen it comes to bereavement leave entitlement.

Can help you avoid impendingproblems

Before a problem becomes any serious, a legal consultant can helpyou handle them right away or help you avoid them beforehand. Ensuring that youare on the right side of rules and regulations before you make any decisionsfor your business is the role of a legal consultant. Wallace & Associateshopes that you now understand the rising importance of having a legalconsultant for your business. The firm and their goodexperience in this field proved their clients’ good reviews onthem, along with their years of service with no complaints.



A good lawyer hasmany effective and fine qualities, and Wallace & Associates will enumeratethem in the following:

Good analytical skills: Knowing huge amount ofsignificant information is needed in both the study and practice of law. A goodlawyer must have the ability to extract that information into somethingconvenient and logical. Wallace & Associates knows that more than onereasonable conclusion is possible at times, as well as more possibilities ofdifferent patterns in order to resolve a situation; therefore a good lawyermust have the necessary skills to properly evaluate which one of those info isthe most appropriate for a certain situation.

Good research skills: The ability to research quicklyand effectively is crucial in preparing legal strategies, and a good lawyershould have a complete understanding of his or her clients’ needs first inorder to do so. Similarly, a good lawyer should be able to absorb andcomprehend large amounts of information before preparing legal strategies. Goodresearch skills can lead those materials into something manageable and useful.

Good people skills: Being amiable, convincing andable to read others are important qualities of a good lawyer because it allowsthem to assess the juror's reactions and the truthfulness of witnesses. Wallace& Associates in Singapore wants you to remember that an intelligent mindalone is not enough to be a good lawyer because being a personable person alsohas the same degree of importance with intelligence due to the fact thatlawyers stand on behalf of people, and create decisions that could have animpact on those peoples' lives. In order to achieve the desired outcome, a goodlawyer must have a good people skill to choose the best approach to take on agiven situation.

Good communication skills: A person, especially an aspiringlawyer, can improve his or her communication and speaking skills byparticipating in various activities like general public speaking or mootingduring college. However, a good lawyer must also be orally fluent and must havegood written communication skills because they need to produce a variety oflegal documents. Wallace & Associates finds it evident that good publicspeaking skills are essential to argue persuasively in the courtroom beforejuries and judges. Furthermore, good listening skills are also significant toanalyze what clients tell them, or to follow a complex testimony.

Good judgment: It is necessary for a goodlawyer to create practical and logical conclusions or assumptions from limitedinformation. Seriously considering those judgments can help you foreseepossible areas of weakness in your argument and find ways to strengthen them. Agood lawyer should also be able to identify the points of weakness in anopposition’s argument. There will be a lot of important judgment calls to make;thus, decisiveness is also a part of judgment.

Creativity: In addition to being analyticaland logical, being creative in solving problems is a plus point for a lawyer.Lawyers are often needed to think differently in order to outsmart theirchallenger because sometimes the best solution is not always the most obvious.

Persistence: Before you even begin working asa lawyer, it is certain that you'd been through a lot of challenges during yourstudies. Having a strong commitment is already in you, and you need that whenworking on a case. You must be consistent and strong-willed in completing thework essential to drive the case into a successful finish.

Good reviews have been abundant in Wallace & Associates for havingexceptional services for many years now. Paul Wallace has more than 20 years ofextensive experience in law and employment relations and is legally qualifiedwith a Bachelor of Laws Degree and a Bachelor of Arts Degree. He often receiveslittle to no complaints from his clients. Contact him today and witness hisexcellent service.



Ideally employers should have their own staff who are trained toconduct the company’s investigations and disciplinary meetings. This lessensthe reliance on, and costs associated with, engaging external consultants andlawyers.

Wallace & Associates deliver training workshops toup-skill managers. These workshops are tailored to suit organisationalrequirements.

We provide training and workshops inthe following subjects:

• General employment relations

• Running an employment investigation and disciplinary process

• Investigating bullying and harassment complaints

• Performance management

• Negotiating & managing union relationships

• How to undertake business restructuring and change management



Paul understands the challenges that negotiating collectiveagreements can present for businesses. Paul’s expertise in this specialisedarea focusses on achieving business outcomes as part of the collectiveagreement negotiation process.

Our Industrial Relationsservices include:

• Pre-Bargaining strategies

• Drafting of bargaining documents

• Advising on, and helping businesses manage, industrial actionsuch as strikes

• Advising businesses on general union issues- such as unionaccess to the workplace

• Employer representation

• Management of the collective bargaining process

• Advocacy and acting as the employer’s bargaining agent incollective agreement negotiations