Who am I? You would think that, that would be an easy question, but no. It isn't.

That's the question I ask myself pretty frequently and I always come up with an answer that really isn't the right answer for the question. Answers like, a person who suffers from chronic pain, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, doesn't really have many friends, and cares too much what other people think about her.

Someone who cares too deeply sometimes how others feel and not how she feels. To that point, where she is hurting so bad, but still forces a smile on her face, so others around her wouldn't suffer just because her head is so messed up. So messed up, that she feels she's loosing herself and wonders if she'll be ever truly happy.

There are things she knows about herself, things like she loves writing, reading and listening music. She knows she is somewhat a perfectionist and most of the time doesn't let herself be happy with the results. She knows she's caring, but fears that someday she won't care how anyone feels and kills herself just to escape from her misery.

So who am I, really?

Honestly, I don't know.

Do you know who you really are?