Da jeg startede med at interessere mig for makeup, ville Jeg ikke bruge særlige mange penge på det, da jeg ikke var så god.
Derfor Har jeg valgt at hjælpe jer lidt derude, for at komme lidt i gang, her kommer de...
#make #nouw30daychallenge #cheap #billigt

Denne her matte læbestift er så naturlig og smuk at den måtte komme med på listen, den er nærmest altid udsolgt, kan købes i normal for 20 kr.

Jeg har altid brugt mascara, men ingen har givet så meget volume og længde som denne her, kan stærkt anbefales! Omkring de 100 kr 👌🏽 kan købes i Matas.

Nu bruger jeg ikke foundation så ofte, men kan helt sikkert anbefale fit me fra maybeline, den dækker ret godt og føles ikke tung.
Og den koster omkring de 80-100 kr! Kan købes i Matas.

Så det øjenbryn, hvad er man uden fleeky brows? Jk.
Er selv ret ny til Øjenbryn da jeg aldrig har tænkt så meget over mine. Men denne her fra Nyx kan jeg helt klart også anbefale til nybegyndere!
Gav kun sådan 60-70 kr for den! Kan købes i Matas.

EYESHADOW!! Noget af det bedste er bare at stå foran spejlet og prøve alt det med øjelåget, det er både nemt og lækkert! Denne her var min allerførste palette, og jeg bruger den stadig i dag.
Den kostede kun 20 kr i Kvickly! Tror dog også den kan købes online.

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So I've collected 6 things that I just hate about some snappers. I've done some of these myself Guilty of doing some of these too anyways, here they are.

-The use of fast rabbit
Don't you just hate when people post a video and before even clicking on it it's gone.

-Sending a snap with only 3 seconds
Same thing here, I CAN'T READ WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO SAY. You blink and it's gone.

-Making a video Using the dog filter and just staring at the camera with closed and open mouth.
What even is that, stop. I feel like this is not really talked about, at least put some music in the background, don't just stare for 10 seconds. (Btw, gotta love the filter)

- Black picture with the time on
You do realize, I have a clock right ?

-Spamming your story with videos/pictures
I understand if you're like Kylie Jenner and showing your stuff. But no b, you're Zahra from the ghetto, don't. No one is interested in watching you lip sync and sticking your tongue out for a minute or two. (Haha, I tried)

- Last but not least, sending a snap in private, and on my story.
I mean, what even is that. Sometimes I feel so special, but then realize it's on their story too. Biggest disappointment. Why tho. This thing is even talked about, and people still do it.



Today I was out with my sister and my friend Zahra at the walking street in copenhagen. We had a lot of fun and went to a resturant called Friends & Brgrs. A little resturant with a really cozy atmosphere, nice workers and AMAZING fries!

They were so good that I had to blog about them. Their dip was out of the world, it tasted soo good. And if all of that isn't enough, I got it for free. Even the drink. I think they gave them for free to get customers to buy them later on, and it definetly worked, I would so buy them.

I recommend taking a look at the resturant if you're ever nearby. I may only have tasted the fries, but I bet their burgers are yummy tooo.



I really don't know what I would've done without my boyfriend jeans. Like, they match with anything and are soo comfy. Days where I've got no clue on what to wear, Imma take 'em out. I feel like everybody should own one of these babies. Today I wore them with a simple white shirt and my favorite bomber jacket, to pitch up the look a little I chose a creamy brown colored scarf. Simple but nice! I recommend buying boyfriend jeans immediately, cause they are so worth it! #boyfriendjeans #fashion #tip


Trousers: monki

Shirt: HM

Bomberjacket: monki



In the mid-1970's, bell-bottoms became fashionable for both men and women in Europe and North America (took that from wiki lol), for a while now we've seen all type of women with the so called bell-buttons, even some men again. For me that's very fascinating, how things come back.

I personally didn't like them at the beginning, but when I saw more and more people rocking those trousers, I had to get ones myself. Instead of going for the trousers I bought an overall/jumpsuit 

I felt like I couldn't really wear them cause I'm skinny and didn't wanna look Like a bag, but they ended up looking real nice. You should totally go for it. #bellbuttons #fashionblog



Heeey everyone Out there, it's 2017 and you know what the saying says "new year, new me" pfff yeah right.

Anyways today I've decided to open the door into the world of blogging. Everybody's heard of it, and little me have been inspired to make one myself. I've spent 30 minutes on the internet trying to see how this thing works out, and how I'm gonna begin. It didn't help.

From today on, you can follow me through all my crazy thoughts, outfits and beautytips.

I hope you got interested enough to follow me. Not blaming you if you don't. Much love, Reem❤️