Good Morning everyone ! :)

Today I am watching a family-friend's dogs while they are on holiday for the week. I will be watching 3 Great Danes! (one of the Great Danes is 8 years old, another is 3 years old and there is a baby, she is 1 years old). They are such lovely dogs. Despite their height and weight, these are gentle giants, hehe. Each dogs weighs over 110 lbs. They are almost heavier than I am, Oh myyy!! In the photos (above), I am walking the 3 yr old and 1 yr old).

I have been extremely busy though, while I have been watching these doggies, because there is so much to be done with 3 dogs, I also am packing for my own Holiday while is coming up in a few days!! So busy girl is an understatement!. Over the week sometimes my own dog has visited the 3 Great Danes. My dog is a Shihtzu so it is crazy how small he is compared to them!. It's lovely to see all of the dogs so happy together <3 It is so funny to see the height difference between my dog and the other 3. All the dogs including myself had a very entertaining week filled with lots of walks through the neighborhood and forest along with lots of late-night movies nights. But now for more it it time to get packed for Summer Holiday!

Also in case you are curious the brand of my clothes:

Shirt - Miami (Francesca) , Pants -H&M (from Hamburg).

The baby resting after a sunny walk :)
This is my dog (the little white one) and the baby Great Dane. Look at the height difference;) !!!

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Nothing like a home grown salad from the garden!

So today has been such an amazingly beautiful day! It is the perfect weather 31 degrees C! I love it so much <3. Finally I am finished with Uni classes and my summer is finally beginning to start now! I have a few weeks before my holiday trip so I am using this time to exercise loads and loads! LOL probably too much! Hahah, but Holiday vacations are ALL about feeling your best, so I see it as a very important time to focus on yourself for the best body possible.! Luckily the place that I am going for my Holiday trip has the best food in the world (that is what I believe :)))...!) On this holiday I am going to a tropical place where the weather is warm, theres palm trees everywhere and the ocean. I am so excited! Once the Holiday approaches closer, I will blog about it ofcourse. :) So I may even gain a little while on Holiday but that is A okayy!!

Anyway after going to the gym 2x today I ate dinner with my family, we each had a bowel of Strawberry Salad that I had made. This summer my family and I have grown a small garden. So as you can see, the lettuce was grown in our garden along with all these massive strawberries.



First Post / on My New Blog

Hi all! I am Redhead sees world! I am very excited to announce that I have a new blog with! I have decided to begin blogging again because I have missed it soooo much! But since I am in Uni, time is super limited! :(( Since it is summer, I have made this big decision to start the blog once again! I hope to post my ideas of fashion, luxury, vacations and lifestyle ideas, so stay tuned!

While I was drinking my Kaffee this morning and eating a croissant, I saw this gorgeous, scenic picture on tumblr, so I thought this may be the perfect image for my first blog ppost! So I'm happy to share it with everyone <3

Lots of love - Redhead Sees World , xxxxx