I'm free from school all week, and i'm to lazy to do anything right now. RIP.
I'm even to lazy to work on the channel now haha.
I'm just watching streams and eating a Swedish candy called: Skumtomtar. Skumtomtar is love, skumtomtar is life! *eating a skumtomte*.

Well nothing is happening in real life, really. I'm just have really nothing to do these days, i really need a friendly soul to talk to on Skype all day. KINDNESS I NEED YOU!!! ;_; xD. But really i need a drawing friend.

My twitter is like: "HAPPY HALLOWEEN". I'm like: "WELL HAPPY HALLOWEEN, KILLER CLOWNS WILL KILL US ALL...." Emmm, i'm sorry plz don't kill me ;_;

I'm don't like halloween really, i never liked it. Never. Sorry to everyone who likes it, i'm just saying how i feel about Halloween.

*Takes one more skumtomte and really don't know what to talk about*
Emm... *trying to think about something to talk about*.
*Now it's been 5 minutes, Red still don't know what to talk about.*

Bye, for now??




​Well welcome to the RedDrawing blog!

I´m happy you came here, im geting this blog so i can talk with you guys. Cus sometimes i don´t have times to do videos, maybe cus i have school but whatever haha. Oh and of course this blog is not just for that, well you guys know what a blog is haha.

Some quick facts:

1: My real name is Julia but please call me Red.

2: My second Instagram is: Reddrawingg with two g.

3: My favorite colour is Red... Duh?

4: I love to writh comics, but i´m to shy so i never shows them.

5: I... I don´t know what to say anymore hehe.

Welp i hope you guys like the blog, see ya all soon!