I DONT KNOW YOU,  but the first thing I see when logging into blogging is the question "Who am I?", Do you really think that someone other are interested to read about you're philosophy around yourself.

I can tell you that "You, are who you are!". If you're happy about yourself (as you have 2 be), because if you were not, you would not even think about who you are. Since you are 
pretty sure of who you are, we all think that you are better enough. That's what you think too.

Stop thinking about you, start thinking. But its all about me here so I think you are pretty fucked up stealing my DJ name. Who am I is also a title of SIAs musiq completion 2 years ago. Listen 2 it, you may find the answer. You are probably a psychopath, taken in the sense that I get when i just read
the headline of a story or text or something.

Maybe i should read the whole shit, but you're probably not even read Freud, or much easier read your own mind., without telling about it.

I am, you are, they are. We are all the same, so you are probably just worth the same as me. If you think of someone else you're worth the double. So you are nobody, really. Just a human, that is very hot right now. But without any style or credibility. Maybe you're family think you are something, all others dont care. So thank you for your intelligent headline that made me write this very boring text.

Be who you are, and make others think they're great. Always give and wish the double of what you expect back 2 others. Start doing it with material thing's in real. How much do you want , and then give the double to a person. After a while, your heart will start thinking that you are great. Do you want 2 feel something in your life. You have 2 think about who others are, and what you can do 4 them. A smile is good, but a question like "who are you", would be much easier and interesting 4 another person.

Since you probably now will ask me exactly that question, i will make an essay about who I am, the next few years.

I hope you understood the meaning of telling you that you are who you are.

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