I have not really thought a lot about what i'm going to write on here. I don't expect anyone to read it but of you happen to do so, hi. I guess I want this place to be a place for me to vent on. I do that on twitter sometimes but you know 150 words are a little bit hard to stick to sometimes... and you obviously don't want to twoosh

So I feel quite a lot, I'm not "a typical depressed edgy teen" but I do sometimes feel a little sad. You know. Also this blog might just have been created bc today is a day I feel a bit down on, i don't really know.
I could have just kept a dairy which I thought about doing, but then I thought well, I do like me a bit of web-designing-thing so here I am.

I guess I'm going to blog about stuff that interests me such as video games, Harry Potter and "nerdy" things (cringe but I don't know how to describe it in other words). But also about how I feel, in hope that someone might be able to understand as I don't understand it myself...

/ Rebeebee >•<