1995 was the year i was born. I was actually born in Newcastle Pon Tyne.. and you can say i do love to go out and have a weekend sesh! I'm 23 years old and if i'm honest it's been a tough road. i was adopted when i reached age 7 and before that i'd been in a good few care homes. The saying what doesn't kill you makes you stronger really is true though, I feel stronger now than i ever have and thats because of all the obstacles i've passed in my life. I moved to london as a little girl with my disabled brother craig and our new family :) and i love them so much! it wasnt easy growing up different to everyone else but i did it and here i am today building my life. I work full time as a barmaid/waitress while studying physiology and anatomy on the side to become a personal trainer. i recently moved back to london from Tenerife! i went over there to work and see what it was like as a home and it really was amazing! i loved every moment of it! but now i'm back home with my family where i belong :)