Yes, do have a lot of things in mind whenbridal shower of your near and dear  onecomes to mind. It is not only gift baskets for women that is anoption, there is so much more than that. There is so much more than this thatcan be presented to the newly wed bride and we are not speaking of iPhone 6cases or some over-expensive gift baskets for their men. There are many moreadorable ways to pursue this task. Here are some interesting ideas:

Coffee Spoons: Itdoesn’t matter what is their cup of tea, a set of dainty spoon will definitelyadd some spark to their mornings. You can always go with a set of silver hisand her spoons.

Bedding: A set ofsheets from top-selling mattress firm can promise the most crispier, airy, andsoft bedding for the new couple. Not only will it give a heavenly look to theirresting space. It can be a perfect addition for those suffering withpost-honeymoon blues.

Pro CookingSkills: Anyone can gift a book full of recipes, but it is not about new dishesbut about basic cooking skills. It can be a blessing for someone who is notonly starting a new inning in life but in kitchen as well. If they know thesecret of adding good taste to anything they make, their lives will really beheaven.

Bridal Glow Set:Since, her big day is just a few days ahead you can always bring them the bestlotions for their skin. There are so many beauty kits out there that can reallyhelp in getting healthy and glowing skin and look flawless.

Happiness Hammer:A sentimental present that can easily symbolize the beautiful life a girl willembark on soon. It can always be used by the couple for their DIY newlywedprojects, perfect isn’t it?

Photo Keepsake: Aunique way to let the girl know that her perfect fairytale ending is just roundthe corner. They can always add some memorable click into it later or you canpresent it with some good picture to her.

Personalized Map:A personalized map that can always help the couple mark their future honeymoondestinations. They can easily customize a cartographic that will represent allplaces important for them including the city where they met or where they wentfor their first honeymoon.


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