Here we are, my first post and it's going to be about the past. What is the past anyway? If I stare at the wall for two minutes and after that consider the moments that passed, these two minutes would be in the past, but the question is how distant they are from me now.

Our perception of the time is so strange, isn't it? Even when I am writing this, these words and this post /article would be in the past from the moment I publish it. You might ask, why should I dwell on something so insignificant, (Come on, man, just write your words and post the effing article!, you may say). Well, I have reasons and the main reason is that PAST DOES MATTER!

It matters since your day one, and you know it! It matters when you remember the first time when you eat an ice-cream, your first day at school, the first time when your parents yelled at you for no reason, the first time when you broke the vase and your mother panicked, your first friends, when you have a glimpse of the first time you kiss a boy or feel that you are in love, what about the time when someone broke your heart and you felt that it would explode in your chest or the first time when you met that crazy girl who you thought would be your best friend!

All those moments matter and they are important to you because this is who you are, they build you up and made you that unique person. (Do you know that when we try to remember something, we actually remember the last time we recollected that particular memory, weird right?).

The problem is that we can become too dependent on our past and forget what is it like to live now and to dream about the future, or when we let the past to define every step we take. So, the past can be a two-edged knife, on one hand, it can serve as a place where we keep the things we do not wish to forget or it can be the worst place to be, full of regret and misery.

Jean-Paul Sartre exclaimed that 'Hell is other people', but I can say that 'Hell can be the past if you dwell too much on it!".

However, there is a way to tame the beast, either we should learn to let go easily or we should keep it in our pocket as a gentle reminder of what was once and how wonderful something used to be. We can be nostalgic, but not too much, just as much as we feel it safe to be.