This great philosopher, literally died laughing. It is said that he got his donkey drunk with wine, and then he watched it trying to eat figs from a tree. Apparently, his laughter was so intense he died from heart attack.

He was a guest of King Archelaos, when he got savaged to death by the King's dogs.

The legend has it, that an eagle threw a turtle on his bald head, believing it's a rock. ( That's how eagles kill turtles, before eating them). That caused his death instantly.

Periandros (Corinthian)
Paranoid philosopher form, wanting to disappear, in old age, every trail, ordered two trusted bodyguards to night for safeguarding a certain point and kill the first passer to be passing by and immediately bury him. The same order was given to four others, kill nearby the first two, and eight others to kill farther the four previous! The order was accomplished and thus Periandro's grave remained unknown, because passer who passed through there, disguised in peasant, was Periandros himself!

The known tragedian, was drowned, swallowing a berry grape, at the age of 90.

Aesop was sent by King Croesus to get a prophecy from the Oracle of Delphi. But he was defamed by the attendees to the oracle, that he stole the silver flask of God Apollo. He was sentenced to be demolished by the inhabitants from the top of Parnassus Yampeia.

In 399 BC the philosopher was faced with the Court of Heliaia. There, he was accused of contempt of the gods and corruption of young. The philosopher was sentenced, by category, in death.
Socrates as a law abiding citizen and a true philosopher, awaited death in peace and quiet, and drank the hemlock, as commanded by the law.

Died at a very old age to Pisa from excessive joy, which was created when he hugged his son, which returned from Olympia a winner, in the sport of boxing.

He underwent martyrdom by fierce pounding in a large mortar, following the orders of the tyrant Elea Nearchos!

The big orator, committed suicide by death from starvation after the Athenian defeat in Chairona.