Dreamer or a traveler, your revelation is right here, in the state of Rajasthan. One of the most natural destinations of visit and which has all the aspects to deliver which can only be imagined.

If your bucket list can be half completed by a single visit, then Rajasthan is the answer to that. Whatever you are looking for, natural or artificial. This state has everything which you can expect from a country to offer.

And you can get yourself a rajasthan tour package then you are set to go through the fascinating journey.

If you start your tour from the main city of the state, Jaipur. Then you will have plenty to visit and Jaipur will bring the starting essence of the journey which probes further in the state.

In Jaipur you can see one physics-defying or marvel of physics which is Hawa Mahal, situated right in the heart of the old city you can only put your nails in your mouth as the erected structure will leave in its wake for holding its ground for so long. The nearest marvel around Hawa Mahal you will find Jantar Mantar. And after that you will be set free to see the main forts of the Jaipur. Amber fort, Nahargarh and Jaigarh fort, each has its own class and is a staple in the history of city and in the history of the state and country as well. However, if you are seeking something more than that then you can stay for a while and can enjoy the lightning show at the dusk.

Getting on the road again and your next station probably be the Holy city and the city of festival. Pushkar. One of the pilgrimages of the Hindus is Pushkar, the city which hosts the biggest camel fair. The name is enchanted all around the world because it is one of the oldest cities and it is the rare place where the temple of Lord Brahma is situated. In Ajmer you will get to go around a fort, which has been the designed by of one of the most valiant warriors the world has ever had Prithviraj Chauhan.

The other spectacle to see in Ajmer is Dargah Sharif. One popular destination which is a pilgrimage for everyone. The place has amazing vibe of positivity and you will enjoy every second being there.

On the road again, your next big station will probably be Chittorgarh. The birthplace of the great warrior Maharana Pratap. The fort is named as the Chittor Fort and UNESCO has listed it in its world heritage list. The fort is situated on a hill and is expanded in the area of approximately 692 hectares. Around the premises you will also see the Victory Tower which has been another dogmatic effect to physics.

The next stop would be Udaipur, the city of lakes. One of the two cities which will bring the vibe of vanity and royalty. Udaipur has been one of the major attractions in the state and as the city palace is situated around the lake, there is a hotel which is situated in the heart of the lake and named as Lake Palace. Near the Udaipur you will see the second largest wall in the world. The wall of Kumbhalgarh.

And just like that you will come across the second city which would instill the sense of royalty in you and that is Jodhpur. After going around the hill-station of the state Mount Abu, Jodhpur would probably your next stop. The fort and temple and the skyline would bring you goosebumps, the life of the locals will bring the sense of sustainability of the culture.

After Jodhpur you will be left to visit the cities are Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Kota and few others.

Rajasthan might have has its issue with the nature, but it is one of the most resilient regions you can come across, after various attacks the state has been protected. The drama in the history is inevitable and is the sign of how advance the political regimes were then. And if Rome is the eternal city of the world, that makes Rajasthan as the eternal state of the world. Having suffered so many fights, different rulers, droughts and what not, but nothing has its toll on the state which makes it great.