TENERIFE | Botanical Gardens

Hej everyone! It’s been a while since I posted here. Have been busy traveling and exploring new places. However, I am back! And I am ready to share my trips with you all.

Let’s get into the first days of our Tenerife trip. The biggest Canary island - Tenerife - which lays in the Atlantic Ocean is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to! It’s an real gem, I can say.

Today I would like to tip you one very special place in Tenerife. We were staying on the north part of the island. Puerto De La Cruz to be exact. Our hotel was close to the ocean, but surrounded by streets. Surprisingly, it was designed so well that we felt like being in the jungle (will make a separate post about the hotel). To continue with, the hotel was about 400m away from the city’s Botanical Garden. It is an 18th century botanical garden with many tropical and subtropical plants. It is also a home for a 200-year-old fig tree!

It’s a magical place. Let the photos speak...

I have been sharing a lot of the island photos and stories on my instagram, so go check it out if you are looking for Tenerife tips or just enjoy looking at fascinating pictures ➵ @raiste96