Spooky Halloween

Hey everyone!🎃 Do you like holiday spirit? Do you enjoy decorating for different ocasions throughout the year? Are you creeped out by spooky things? Or maybe you are very excited about upcoming Halloween? I’m going to share my autumn holiday photos with you and hopefully inspire you for HalloweenđŸ‘»

We have decided to spend this weekend enjoying sunny autumn days and taking a quick train trip to Copenhagen. The amusement park there, Tivoli, is celebrating its 175 anniversary and offers incredible Halloween experience! Many pumpkins, ghost and spooky spiderwebs! Activities and rides for all ages!

Since I have visited the park during its Winter Wonderland, I have wished to come there for Halloween season. The happiness that comes with all the beautiful inspirational decorations brightens not only your day, but the whole season. It’s hard not to start carving your own pumpkin after coming back from there :) The Halloween season in Tivoli is open till 4 November, don’t miss it!

You can see the photos and read about my visit to Winter Wonderland HERE