Hi peeps! 🌺

It’s the first week of summer vacation for me and guess what that means... Lots and lots of beach days!

It was time to actually try out my very own SUP (which stands for Stand Up Paddle Board). As you may know, I’ve been posting about the board for a while now. Anyway, it was time.

I wanted the moments to be unforgettable, thus I chose one of my favorite beaches to go paddle boarding. It’s close to my home, so it’s never a big problem to get there fast. And guess what... It was A M A Z I N G!!!

The sea was calm and the water was crystal clear. Perfect for this board which, by the way, can also turn into a kayak simply by adding a few accessories. Will definitely try kayaking next time and will update you on that as well.

Well, I’m uploading a few photos, hope you guys will enjoy it.

See you soon! 👋🏻🏄🏽‍♀️