Älskar film. Men av nån anledning har Oscarsgalan aldrig intresserat mig så värst. Alltså i den mån att jag sitter uppe halva natten bara för att se tårdrypande tacktal. Dessutom har jag sällan ens sett alla nominerade filmer.
Brukar läsa om vinnare och sämsta klädseln dagen efter haha

Enligt Mail Online är Heidi Klum vinnare av årets värsta klänning. Vet ej om jag håller med men vacker är den inte.

Något lite extra kul med årets Oscarsgala är en SVENSK Oscarsvinnare .

Alicia Vikander vann bästa kvinnliga biroll för sin insats i "The Danish girl" Som jag INTE sett.

Årets stora pris gjorde förmodligen Leonardo Dicaprio mer lycklig än en nybliven mor tippar jag på. Nominering på nominering men aldrig en Oscar. Tills nu. Så grattis Leo. Du är en fantastisk skådis!

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Alla har vi nog råkat ut för mer eller mindre bra raggningsförsök. Dom flesta på fyllan. En del fyndiga andra bara konstiga.
Jag har samlat in en del bland mina vänner på Facebook och Twitter. Skrattat mig fördärvad åt vissa. Gråtit över andra. Sen har vi repliker man bara skakar på huvudet åt.

Har delat in i olika grupper. Varsågoda 😊


"Tjena kexet står du här å smular"

"- Har du slagit dig?
- nej varför undrar du?
- för det måste ha gjort ont när du föll från himlen"

"Åhh himlen måste gråta när dom saknar en ängel"

Du är inte snygg, du är vacker"

Något udda

"Jag älskar dig mer än rost"

"Du är som en blomma jag vill vattna"

"Jag kör hem dig på måndag" ( om sagt på en torsdag kan vi nog snacka kidnappning )

"Jag vet var du bor"

"Min pappa äger en Porsche"

"Jag har en Porche"

"Baby, måste du vara en bastu eftersom du gör mig helt varma och svettig"

"Om du får en tur i min raggarbil så kan du bjuda på middag"

"Här *2 tusenlappar* sup mig snygg!"

"Tro inte du kommer undan för att du är ful!"

"Vill du komma hem o kolla på min nya balkongdörr?"

Jag har en bättre balkong hemma om du tänker hoppa"

Hyfsat rak på sak

"Får jag dra en lina mellan dina bröst"

"Du och jag skulle vara snygga nakna tillsammans"

"Blunda och låtsas att jag är Brad Pitt"

"Snygga kläder, de hade gjort sig i en hög på mitt sovrumsgolv"

"Vill du vara mitt underlakan?"

Say what now?

"Blir din pappa arg på mig om jag gör såhär?"

"Hej, jag vill inte ha nån relation"


"Ursäkta, kan du ta ut din tunga ur mitt öra"

"Hej jag har heliumballonger hemma"

"Du ser ut som en häxa. Får jag vara ditt kvastskaft ikväll?"

"Får jag kissa på dig?"

And the winner is

- Hej, brukar du ofta gå hit?
- Ja, ibland.
- Perfekt! Kan du då visa mig vägen till toaletten? Jag måste bajsa"




Everything is wrong. Feels like I'm wrong.

"There's something wrong with me chemically
Something wrong with me inherently
The wrong mix in the wrong genes
I reached the wrong ends by the wrong means
It was the wrong plan
In the wrong hands
The wrong theory for the wrong man
The wrong eyes on the wrong prize
The wrong questions with the wrong replies

Depeche Mode - Wrong "

I can't even begin to explain how I feel. Not even to myself. But nothing turns out the way I planned. For every step forward there is 10 steps back.

I feel alone. Yet surrounded by people that I know love me.
But no matter how much people love me it doesn't change things. I need a break!

My life is stress. Others cant  see it.

To wake up every morning feeling like

But I put the BIG smile on. I pretend I'm not feeling dead. Other can't deal with me if I show how I really feel.

In truth I lost most things in life. People act as if it's no big deal. But to me it's everything and I have nothing.

I'm hurting and it just won't stop.



Daryush Valizadeh also known as Roosh Vorek or simply Roosh V. Ring any bells?

The reason his name came up at all was a friend of mine posted a link about him on my Facebook. And then I knew exactly how he is. And he is coming to Sweden. But not if I have anything to say about. He should be banned wherever he tries to go to give speches on his ideas.

I've heard a lot about this insane man. Some part of me really wishes he's not for real. But he is. For those of you that knows nothing about this poor exuse of a human here's some INFO

"'Make rape legal if on private property'

In a piece on his website, which is read by thousands of men across the world, he says a solution for rape charges against men would be to “make rape legal if done on private property.”

He added: “I propose that we make the violent taking of a woman not punishable by law when done off public grounds.”

So this IDIOT advocates that rape should be leagal. And it's obvious he hates women for some reason. I wonder if he hates us enough to think it's ok if his mother gets raped?

Some quotes from this insane man. They show how deep his hate for women goes and that a women is nothing more then a thing for men to use.
( all these quotes can be found in different posts on his blog. I refuse to give you the link cause it would be like a rape on both my blog and my readers. So wanna check his blog out.. use Google)

Women are whores

"My default opinion of any girl I meet is 'worthless dirty whore until proven otherwise'. When so many girls have opened their legs up for me so quickly and easily, it's hard for me to respect them [and their opinions or ideas] like I would a family member or close friend.

"I do not feel any closer to a girl when I pump her, and most of the time I respect her less because my opinion of her as a worthless dirty whore who probably likes being choked was proven correct."

"I am a dictator, women are my bitches

"My ability to stay in a long-term relationship, putting up with its natural ups and downs, is evaporating as I adopt the mentality of a dictator, with my bitch the subservient who must attend to my needs without making any mistakes. Over the years my temper has greatly shortened."

"You should fantasise about choking girls

"The more worthless you think of the female species and the less you fantasise about your dream girl, the more likely you will findand successfully game her. The fantasy you should have to get your ideal girl should be choking and butt-fucking her, not having a romantic walk with her on a beautiful beach underneath a full moon."

"Men must make decisions on behalf of women

"Systems must now be put in place where a woman's behaviour is monitored and her decisions subject to approval of a male relative or guardian who understands what's in her best interests better than she does herself.

"For the bulk of human history, their behaviour was significantly controlled or subject to approval through mechanisms of tribe, family, church, law or stiff cultural precepts. The reason that women had their behaviour limited was for the simple reason that they are significantly less rational than men, in a way that impaired their ability to make good decisions concerning the future."

I must wonder... What horribel things has happened to this man?! Who hurt him so bad that he lost his mind complete and started thinking he is living in the dark ages?!

Here's what I'm thinking. He thinks rape on private property should be leagal. So let's take him to someone's private property and give him a night he will never forget.

Let's subject him to everything he wanna subject women to.

He needs to be stopped! And now he is coming to MY country preaching about his ideas. Let's hope we can stop him from even entering Sweden EVER!