We all encounter adversity in everyday life, whether it's emotional, spiritual, even physical. Lately, I've been physically overwhelmed with training. I'm about to share with you all, my current challenge while preparing for an upcoming race. 

Staying continuously active is a true passion of mine. I've competed in Track & Field all throughout high school, which followed onto college. Over the years I crossed a few things off my "fitness bucket list", such as 5k/10k races, half marathons and more! Now onto cycling. I mean why not?! 

This year some friends and I, signed up for the annual TD Bank Bike Race Tour! On the 1st of May, beginners, moderate, even up to intermediates come from all over the world to roll in and out of all of New York City's boroughs. Confession: I only signed up because I convinced myself, SoulCycle could prepare me for anything bike related- how wrong was I? Very. Fitness wise, I am considerably fit, (outside of lack of proper sleep patterns), eating right, exercising, and meditation occasionally. So why is anxiety kicking in?

Well, almost two weeks ago, I decided six weeks would be the time table for the preparation. Now as I mentioned before, I've cycled at the gym. Yes, there's many levels I ride on, the duration is anywhere between 45 mins - hour, but the streets of New York haven't been exactly smooth sailing. At first I thought, maybe I wasn't stretching correctly, or long enough, or just began at an extreme pace. On the first day, I biked from 161st and Edward El Grant (the Bronx), over the 145th Street Bridge into Harlem, along the east side, looped around, and back up again. Sounds like I finished in one take- I didn't! What should have token me an hour tops, took almost two in half due to cramping in the thigh, lower back tension and just mere disgruntled.

It is now week the end of week two and tomorrow marks officially one month until the race. I have amped up the training and preparation after a long talk with myself in a tub of Epsom Salt. I have completed a lot of races with worst or no preparation, I will push myself and kill this Bike Tour come 1st May!

To anyone who is training or in preparation mode currently, "You're better than your yesterday".


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I am sure almost all of us can agree we have become truly fond of someone who technically we don't know, or won't ever meet, but their voice, face, or story makes you feel like a longtime friend. I have this bond with a few television personalities such as: Janet Lomax ( an anchor from my childhood local nightly news station), Chris Berman (a longtime ESPN host)- you get the point?! I could go on, and on creating a list of people who I have identified with over the years, and oddly to some degree formed attachments with respectively.

To bridge the gap on this, myself, like most people in this digital-day & age, minus the snooze button, wake up, turn over, and grab for my cellphone to check the news, and what has become secondary news- social media! Scrolling down my timeline in haste, a Complex video immediately caught my attention, so much I had to reach in search of my headphones to hear the words matching to the captioned still image " @stephencurry30 has some kind words for Craig Sager. #sagerstrong." Craig Sager is an sideline reporter for networks TNT and TBS since '72. Sager is currently battling cancer. Diagnosis, acute myeloid leukemia (a rare blood and bone marrow with excess immature white blood cells). Curry was asked, "if he felt any fatigue in the last stretch of the regular basketball season". He in turn, as a true stud replied, " if you, Sager can keep pushing, The Golden State Warriors teammates and I, have no excuses not to do the same."

That truly warmed me to my soul-which is a tremendous understatement. For that to be the first thing I heard at 7 am, before the rattles of rush hour trains pulling in and out of the stations, before the chatter of adolescent high schoolers walking in tight herds to bus stops, I was summed with a moment of thankfulness.

Sager has not only been an inspiration to myself and others for only two years, but decades! His unconstrained, archaic, professional, beautiful soul, has never- until stricken with cancer, missed a day of work, or notably said anything distasteful to anyone. Over the years I have authentically become a huge fan of Sager. I am rooting for him, along with the rest of America. I rather not tune in for a professional basketball game, and not witness Sager'70'sFashion! He's done some much for the game of basketball- even from the sidelines.

#fuckcancer #sagerstrong


#sagerfashion over the years lolz !



Welcome Sports Fans,
It’s only 29 days until the NFL Draft!

I am thrilled, to announce my YouTube channel will be available to my subscribers to join in as I recap plays, calls, and other hot topics week by week. The channel will be integrated with this blog plyonreview.com so readers subscribe for both now! I know we can’t wait for the season to begin, and I can’t wait to debate it out with you!