Dario Gimenez Design gives movie put, supports and furniture a novel lease of being. The Dario Gimenez Design's wide supplies can give the seem and sense their clients need for any scene, any script and any location. The Dario Gimenez Design, the costume rental nyc is devoted to ensuring that both their army and products achieve the highest principles of quality. There is a diverse side working out of this shop with a wide choice of skill. All army offered by this company are hard to believe & cost-effective at the equal put.

4 army provided through Dario Gimenez Design

1. Furniture

Dario Gimenez Design provide improved quality, single & affordable furniture and all part are serve up with great helping of plan consciousness. Dario Gimenez Design, the custom furniture makers offers furniture as per customer's must that speaks for their appearance. They can also get these products at affordable price!

2. put

Stage set design at better actions with better funds can create your mouth drop. Dario Gimenez Design, the portable stage rental shop offers sets in small budget with little originality & correct resources. Sets offer by Dario Gimenez Design are very elastic, outstanding and outstanding enough which are enthusiastic to bear even the hardest act on sets and actions.

3. support

The Dario Gimenez Design's zeal lies in doing great job and to make cost for their clients. The goal for great labor create prop shop raise the bar each time. Dario Gimenez Design, the prop rental nyc is proud to present a wide choice of unique support as this is the prop shop that provides wildly navy in running Exhibition and Complete sell & rental answer!

4. Renovation

The Dario Gimenez Design too offer stuff repair army. Furniture restoration start with removal of the dirt urban more being of use . If the finish is very slim, extra layers of the end may be practical. Furniture restoration is needed because sometimes, all that's essential is to restore a piece's unique glory. It grip shellac and varnish.