The Pain Is Real

Yesterday, May 23rd, I had my hormone spiral (intrauterine device, also known as IUD or coil, inserted. For me, it was one of the most painful experiences I had experienced.

The recommendations I received were to eat properly before the insertion and take painkillers, about 1400 mg in total of paracetamol & ibuprofen. I took the painkillers as per ordination but eating, well, let's just say that didn't go as well as I wanted it.

When I sat down and waited, I saw another girl go in to the midwife at around the time I had received. I was confused, but figured it wasn't a big deal. It could have been a quick appointment anyway.

However, turns out my time had "disappeared" or hadn't been added to the system. Odd, I thought. They solved it anyway, with another employee taking the people the midwife was supposed to meet.

I kind of wish I hadn't gone into the midwife's office and had the spiral inserted. I choose the spiral called Mirena, which is the "larger" version and can sit inside for up to 5 years. It also effects the uterus so period cramps lessen and the bleeding can sometimes stop entirely.

I wasn't a candidate for the other copper spiral due to my period cramps and heavy bleeding, mainly because the copper version makes it worse. Originally I wanted the copper one since I don't like hormones in general, but what to do.

First and foremost the midwife checked my uterus, which was the least painful part. She inserted some fingers in the vagina and pushed on my stomach - not the most comfortable thing I've experienced but still, it got worse.

After that she went and asked another midwife for help, or at least standby if help was needed. It was actually comforting to have another person there.

I'm unsure about the other details of the insertion since the pain was bad. I had to breathe deeply and try to push through the pain. The midwife eventually measured the uterus, to see if I could have the Mirena spiral, which was possible. It stung a bit and pushed towards the side of the uterus. I felt it very well and it was painful.

After that the process became worse. The insertion didn't take a long time per say, but the time it took was painful as hell. I swore a few times and moaned in pain. Once it was in place I felt a grinding pain in my stomach, it came in waves and sometimes there was more painful spikes. Overall I felt fine, wasn't as bad after the insertion was over.

Once that was done I was given direction to go to the pharmacy to return with the other spiral - since it costs money to insert it. The procedure was free, but the contraception itself wasn't. Once at the pharmacy I started feeling bad. The lady in the cashier took a long time to get it out and as I was punching in the pin code to my card I lost my hearing, started to get sweaty and my vision blurred. 30 seconds longer and I would have fainted. I needed to sit down and lean over to stop feeling faint.

Thankfully my friend was there and kept me company. After the spiral was bought we went to McDonalds to eat. Ice cream and fries have never tasted so good. I ended up taking more painkillers and texted my brother to fetch me, he did so without any arguments. Eventually we went to the place and gave them the spiral and went to my brother to go home.

The pain was bad. I won't lie. It was like all my period cramps times 10. Once the painkillers started wearing off I was writhing in pain. I even got my long-distance boyfriend to call twice to keep my mind off the pain. He felt really bad since in a way, the contraception was for our sake. Had he known it would cause me this much pain, he would have talked me out of it. The pain has settled for now, but I can still feel a bit of a grinding pain, not the sharp pain so much. I think it'll be good in time but before you get a hormone spiral, think if you can't solve it some other way.

The idea of no period and cramps is good, but the pain the first week will probably be bad. Plus some bleeding in between.

What's your experience with hormone spirals?