So it seems appropriate that I should call out what I mean by an EATING DISORDER.

Firstly, the HUGE fact (in my book anyhow and many other BOPO warriors) you do not have to have an unhealthy BMI or weigh a ridiculously small amount to be classified as having an eating disorder.

I'm going to stick to anorexia nervosa and orthorexia nervosa as that is what I have been treated in and that is what have experience of to the degree I feel I can talk about :) All eating disorders are 'legit' and to not be taken lightly. I should also say- this isn't a badge of honour, this isn't a cry for help, these are genuine sicknesses and my own mother compared it to a disease of the mind. Its horrible, its real, but the biggest thing is- you can take steps to pull yourself out of it! You have the power to beat it, no one said it would be easy- but identifying with some or all of these symptoms will set you on track for the first hurdle of this marathon- IDENTIFICATION.πŸ™Œ


-Skipping meals.

-Obsessive control and counting of calories.

-Excluding food groups. e.g. sugar, carbs.

-Obsessive and addictive exercise.


-Need to be in control.

-Aggression and anger.

-Withdrawal from social situations.

-Social anxiety.

-Angry and nihilistic thoughts about yourself.


-Periods stop.

-Bones ache.

-Hair thins.

-You will be ultra-sensitive to the cold.

-Decreased appetite.



-Excessive fatigue/exhaustion.

-Dry Skin.

-Loss of weight.

-Fine downy hair (lanugo) growing on the body.

From personal experience, I became TERRIFIED when I realised I suffered from all of the above. It was a horrible and lonely place to be- but being anorexic is an equally awful place of isolation- and it is only by identifying your illness that you can recover and begin to enjoy life again! Its baby baby steps but this is a HUGE first leap into recovery.

Check out the NHS website to find out more plus a cool little video on the right hand side if you don't fancy reading more text!



Hello !

Firstly, my nickname is Olive, I'm 21 and I live in England!

We all share these little facts about ourselves when we first meet people- first impressions are important right?

But there are some facts we are less keen to share-

For me, this used to be that I was an anorexic. That the thought of food repulsed me. That I'd forgotten what it was to taste. That I was depressed, anxious, tearful, aggressive, erratic and just sad.

I am incapable of reaching happiness because I hate myself and the only thing I hate more = my body.

There are many reasons why we find ourselves falling down these slippery slopes into an eating disorder or mental health trauma. But I'm here to tell you that this is NOT A TRAP! It's just a maze, but I'm going to try to add my bit to this growing movement of BOPO. I cannot wait to start sharing with you some thoughts about coping with my body and body love to help whoever might be suffering!

The project is entitle Project21 because on my 21st birthday I realised how lucky I am to have pulled through a vicious bout of anorexia and a lifetime of body-image torture. Its about taking a stand to ensure more people feel the benefits of BOPO and become healthier, happier people!

You do not have to suffer alone here.

All I wish to do is add my voice to the BOPO movement - if this blog reaches one girl or boy stuck in their room, scared or if it helps any one with their recovery my 21 Project will be complete!

O x