A Student's Guide to London Theatre

LONDON - one of the most vibrant cities around the world, encapsulating a wide cultural and religious audience - whilst also being one of the most expensive cities to live in.....

In a city which seems to offer everything apart from the sun and warm weather (and maybe cheap living) there is an endless list of things to do around the city on a daily basis. From art exhibitions, to London Fashion Week/end, to gigs and concerts every night at venues across all zones – you can never be bored here.

The inevitable problem of being a student – ‘broke’ is our frequented word of the day.

If only our bank accounts looked like the inside of Harry Potter’s vault at Gringots…(Still waiting for the owls to deliver my Hogwarts acceptance letter...)

But being a student can have its plus side. Nearly EVERYWHERE does student deals.

And for those of you who are already DYING after the first couple of weeks of university, AND don’t know which places AND how to get these savvy student discounts, here’s a few of my faves...

Old Vic (below left), National Theatre (below right)


1. £10 tickets at the Old Vic and Young Vic – half the seats for the first 5 performances for each show are released at this price, courtesy of PwC......P.S. Do note (from my own experience) cursing and crying may occur due to crap wifi signal when they all sell out - even though you were waiting waaaaay before the 12 o’clock queue start…….

2. The Royal Opera House – they give priority booking for students, AND the student tickets start off at a mere £4 instead of the hefty starting price of £50 per person. AND!!! £10 Student Standby means unsold tickets go on sale to us 24 hours before the show…. 17th October next release date

3. The National Theatre has a student 16-25 Entry Pass Membership (which is obviously free for us) and means we can get £5 tickets for every performance (just book WAY in advance!), new season is on sale now! (November is the next release date).

4. The V&A has unique exhibitions on every month and the tickets are either FREE or start at £5 for us

5. BFI Southbank – tickets are £3 for students. Just sign up and then queue up 45 minutes before the screening to grab your cray cray cheap cinema ticket!

6. The Barbican – all I can say is BAR-BI-CAN. Sign up to the student page, you honestly won't regret it. £5 cinema, theatre, art, music and dance tickets just sayin’.

7. The Globe Theatre - £5 pit tickets. Use those broke ass legs and stand

8. Royal Festival Hall – concession tickets, up to 50% off. Ludovico Einaudi is the only thing keeping me sane rn...

9. £5 Mathilda tickets? HELL YEAH – just queue up at 8am and bring ID…it gets quite busy.

10. Sign up to all the theatres in your specific Borough – select theatres will allocate a certain number of tickets for each performance, which are FREE for students living in that borough. FREEEEEE. Just gotta do paerpwork….

11. Lottery Tickets – nearly every musical in the west end does this! Just fill out your contact details on a piece of paper at each location and go back at 5pm to see if you’re the lucky winner! Front row tickets for £20? Well yes, thank you ma’am.

Royal Opera House (left + right)

Platonov, Frankenstein, The Seagull


Always ask for student discounts everywhere you go! The majority of the times there will be some form of discount for us, or special ‘student only’ events.

Organisation is key! (sound like my mother now….) But in all honesty, to take advantage of all the above discounts you have to plan, and be at the ready for when these tickets go on sale, as they are few and get snapped up like Adele or Bieber tickets :D

And finally.....

Student finance came out last week, so, what we complaining about... #broke #student #university #whatislife #potnoodlefordays #meandoverdraftalways #forever #bankaccountbanter