Hello beautiful!

Couple days ago on valentine's day my best friend Anni and I went out to eat and take pictures together. We spend our time with each other and it was fun. Sadly I had to go home early and we forgot to take picture together but next time we will for sure take photos with each other, so that I can post them here on my blog.

I tried to relate this style to valentine's day. This cute pink sweater suited very well with these beautiful flower jeans, which I'm in love with. I just want to buy more clothes related to flower designs. Anyone who has cute flower design clothes bring them all to me. I will buy them. I'm crazy in love with them.

I love spending these type of days with my friends & family. How did you spend your valentine's day?

Jacket/ ONLY



Earrings/ CHANEL

Choker/ H&M

Bisous, Princesse

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Photos was taken by Anni Backlund.


I'm so happy that I finally have a courage to post my very first blog post. I have wanted to blog for so long, where I could just show my passion in to the fashion but I was so shy to start. This year I wanted to be more relaxed and not to over think like I always do. Also I wanted to do thinks that I have wanted to do for so long, and here we are one step ahead for my little dreams.

I want to show you guys the way I think of fashion. I'm not professional but I like my style and I want to show my love to the fashion somewhere and I think that place is blog.

In my blogs you guys will also get to read something for example my days, beauty tips and many more fun stuff. And also if you guys see in my texts wrong pronouncing feel free to correct me.

And you probaly guessed right this photos were taken last summer. Right know in Finland there is so much snow and freezing cold.

Let's see where this will guide me. Join me on my journey!

Bisous, Princesse



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