Putting My Foot Down

For anyone who has been keeping up with this blog, you know I'm working on an exit strategy. It's not just the job. I'm tired of working for peanuts.

I'm tired of working to make other people a ton of money.

I'm just plain tired.

The last several weeks have been one idea after another. I'm researching. I'm working and taking care of my kids. It feels like I'm spinning tires and not actually going anywhere.

At some point, I have to make a decision. So here's the final draft of my plan to get out of this crappy work situation.

Start a Blog

Not like this one, although I want to continue writing on this platform.

I want a real blog. I want web hosting and a premium theme and I want to spend hours reading other blogs and viewing tutorials so I can make the best website out there. I didn't want to start this blog all willy-nilly and have to learn as I go. I want to plan a website .

I want there to be a certain structure and I want to have a plan in place for monetization.

For most people, especially pro bloggers, they will probably think or outright say that I'm crazy. And you're right. I am crazy. I'm crazy from doing low-paying work day in and day out. I want more income.

I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid. I know that it's going to take years to see anything substantial. This is why it's the first project. I need to practice writing on a daily basis. I need to learn more about SEO and writing content that makes viewers and search engines excited.

Freelance Writing

I wrote a lot when I was younger. I'm a published poet.

The next prong in this attack is to become a freelance writer. I don't have a portfolio, which is why this blog is so important.

I need something to show clients that I have the skills to pay the bills. To be specific, my bills.

Quitting my dead end job isn't an option until I have a viable income source. This will be writing. The blog will be a passion. They can both work together to give me the life I desire. I know building this kind of life will take some time. However, it's crucial to be able to pull this off. Once I'm bringing in enough money to get by from freelancing and my blog is showing some growth, I'll be ready to take on my next challenge

Niche Websites

This is going to be my greatest challenge. I'm teaming up by my best friend for it. He has several niche websites and is going to show me the ropes.

Right now, the plan is to freelance write for a living and blog in my downtime. I'm not sure how I can find the time to build these sites. Either the blog or the writing gigs will have to take a back seat while I build these sites out. I'm also not sure how many I want to build. They're aren't expensive but I know, especially in the beginning, I'm not going to have a lot of money to throw around.

So I'm planning to build one or two a year just to see how it goes. This is a side-project for the most part. Passive income is the name of the game. It's going to help me pay bills and will give me the time to hang out with my kids and make sure they're raised properly.

Backup Plans

When the boys go to their dad's houses every other weekend. I'm going to study up on social media marketing.

The purpose of this is to have the knowledge to promote my own businesses. But also, it's a backup plan. I can be a social media marketer and still work from home. I can also make much better money doing this than I can working in food service. The key is expertise. I need it to be successful.

Luckily, there are a lot of social media courses out there on Udemy and other platforms.

Because I am who I am, even my backup plan has a backup plan.

If all else fails, I'm going to get into virtual assistant work.

While the pay on this isn't as great as the other options, I'm a master of organization and planning. This is the kind of job that will allow me to work from home and also use my biggest strengths. The best part is that I can still blog and freelance write while I'm doing this for a living.

This Matters

I'm tired of not getting to see my kids. And I'm really tired of letting other people raise them and having to rely on both family and friends to pull the weight I can and should be pulling alone.

Even worse, I rely on child support from two sub-par fathers to help make sure these kids have food and clothing. And it's not fair. I can do better and I owe it to both of my boys to do better.


This is me putting my foot down and saying enough is enough.

Living a life that borders on the poverty line while working day in and day out just isn't good enough. Part of me is ashamed for letting it happen for so long.

I know I can be lazy and unmotivated. But that's the old Chelsea. The new one is ready to move forward.



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