I Love Winter!

Winter is upon us! Or at least, it will be soon. Fall is the busiest time of year for me. My birthday is in October, my oldest son's birthday is in September, and then of course, there is the greatest holiday in the history of the world.


This year the oldest wanted to dress up as a goat. This is what happens when a strange and cute little nerd grows up on a farm, I reckon. I dressed the baby up as Mickey Mouse and it may have been the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life.

But all of it is said and done and now I get to look forward to winter. Fall may be my favorite time of year, but winter is a close second, and here's why.


When it comes to summer clothes, I don't have any. Why? Because I'm an adult who has a full-time job. I spend 60 hours a week in my uniform.

However, winter means I get to wear the cute clothes I own. Coats, hats, gloves, scarves and all of my wintertime shoes. I don't have much in my collection, as most of my clothing fund goes to outfitting my children, but I love what I do have.

It's nice to get to show it off a bit.


I work at a hospital, so getting days off for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays isn't really a thing. But I try to request off for every opportunity I can. I love these days.

I love spending time with my family, making and eating large meals, and relaxing and watching some football. It's thinking about these days that make me look forward to working for myself.

Update: I finally started working on my blog. Currently, the hardest part is carving time out of my day to work on it. But it's created, it has a few posts, and I'm learning a lot about Wordpress.


There are so many reasons to love snow. We live in the mountains. When it snows, it usually snows a lot. It's not uncommon to see a foot or more of snow around here. Unfortunately, this is a double-edged blade.

If I'm at work, we are required to stay the night. But if it's my day off, I get to call out. This gives me an extra day to hang out with the boys, drink hot cocoa, go sledding, build snowmen, and of course, since I have two sons, engage in snowball wars.

Building the perfect snowball is an art form. It also requires a lot of natural talent. But practice does make perfect and if you need some help with your technique, you can read more here .

I don't care about gifts. I don't need stuff. All I want is my babies and I want them to be happy.

I'm really struggling this year. My kids have pretty much everything they could ever want. They have clothes, video games, and toys stacked from the floor to the ceiling. We have nearly as many books as the public library.

Every year, I make the kids pick out the toys they don't want and don't use and we donate them. However, I still like to get them something. I know my boys. I know what they love and what they hate. Sure, I could tell you what I'm going to get them. But I'm not spoiling the secret to anyone. It's all about their faces on Christmas morning. There is no replacement for that joy.

All the Booze, All the Food, All the Hot Cocoa

I don't know what it is about winter that makes me so hungry and thirsty...but I like it.

I want hot cocoa with tiny little marshmallows. I want to watch my sons blow on their hot chocolate to cool it down. I want to watch them get all sugared up and run around the house acting crazy, because that's what my boys do. And I love it.

The holidays, and winter in general, are great times to drink booze and not feel bad about it. Egg Nog is everywhere. Whiskey finds its way into every tea cup. Wine bottles seem to empty themselves when you're sitting in a rocking chair and staring deeply into the eyes of a small fire when it's bitterly cold outside.

My baby is not even two years old but his favorite food is Thanksgiving. Hah. He loves turkey, stuffing, gravy, and green beans. He loves it all. And let me tell you what. He gets it from his mama.

I want all the carbs, the pies, the cookies, there is only one place for them and that's in my belly. I'll worry about the consequences in 2019.

The Simplicity

Most people think winter is a dreary time.

I disagree. The simple beauty of white, gray, and black is something that is under appreciated and undervalued.

The snow, the gray breath coming out of your mouth in the evenings, overwhelming darkness, it's all beautiful. The cold and time of year isn't so much about death as it is rebirth. A new year will be upon us. We have the opportunity to pack away this year and begin fresh to do whatever we want to do. We can pursue passions and chase dreams. We can go on a diet, workout, and lose weight.

We have the opportunity to push forward with becoming the best versions of ourselves. I'll take winter