So. What do you write in your first blogpost? A hi, a welcome, a presentation? I've never blogged in my entire life and I suck at social medias, so this will be in my way- I guess. This is a place where I want to express my self. I feel like I've lost my ability to write and express myself in words..and at the same time I can feel all the english words leave my tounge and brain and just dissapear into nothing. I want them back and I've decided to go hunting for them, and what better way than writing? And that's also why this blog wont be writren in swedish. I'm from sweden, if there's anyone who even reads this or cares about where I'm from.

I have no Idea what this blog will be about- my everyday life, fashion, music, books, food..I havent planned this very well. All i knew when I started it was that I needed, wanted and missed to write. But I think this will be a sort of diary, as many other blogs are nowadays, where I can express myself and somehow ease my mind.