Hi guys! First entry in a year. I've been superbad at this whole blog thing but I thought I'd start it off with a small haul of products I got this last month. Mostly makeup and skincare.

KIELS ULTRA FACIAL CREAM. Ok so lets start with the skin. So my skin is a combination of oily and dry, but during winter/spring it tends to be more dry so I picked this mother of moisturizers to help my skin die just a little less. Sweden is the worst, I mean the WORST. At everything, actually. But in particular for the skin.

This gem is a 24h moisrurizer, light in the texture and keeps me smooth as a babys you-know-what.
10/10 toasters for you my friend!

SKINFOOD COCONUT MASK. Ok wow, wow, ok, yes. It's that good. It's THAT GOOD. So remember my dry skin? Everything is forgotten. I love you again Sweden.

I don't feel like I have to say anything more. Really. 10/10 coconuts.

Yes, ok. I have been using this for some time now and I'm the kind of person who go like "why the fuck do I pay money to put water on my face?" and I'm still not quite sure why I do but hey, if it works it works, right?

So I use this after I wash my face because I never seem to get it all off by washing it. I have more makeup on my face than skin. I just put it on a pad and do the thingy where you scrub your face until the face falls off. Girl problems.

SAN TROPEZ. Soooooooo, I got some free stuff, ya know like you do. I don't know how to use half of these things but I'm going to go ahead and give them 10/10 satsumas for even beeing in my makeup drawers because I know it's going to be gooood. Lets get back to those when mamas got a tan on, ok?

Some MAC goods to keep me sane. Skinfinishes for bronze and peachy skin, lip scrub for lush lips and a mascara for looking as crazy on the outside as I feel on the inside.

Only the coolest lipgloss of all time from Moxie (Bare minerals), A cute little panda mask from Tony Moly (Also got the coolest banana hand cream wich I forgot at work so RIP my banana hands) and some cool liners from NYX.

That was everything from me today. I'll make sure to post stuff at least once a year but I probably won't. 🍋👀

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I have a great new favourite colour. Dusty pinks. Here are some inspirational pictures!

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I recently woke up with the realization that I am now way to old for this shit. So I panicked, went to town and got myself some Adidas pants, yes, I did, You heard me.

As you know, if you are not living under a rock, the 90's are here to stay. It's just a constant reminder of how old you are. When people born in 2000 are now beyond teenagers, then you know. Old. I always go "omg I remember that year like it was yesterday", can I stop aging now please? Someone?

Anyways, I thought it might be fun to guide you guys through this with a 90's inspired "get the look" so here we go!

The glitter liner

How awesome is this look? Rave mixed with kidergarten. Get the goods down below!

Also get these when you're at it!

The 90's lip (yaaaaass)

NOTHING is so much back as the 90's lip. You had it, your mom had it, and now we do it AGAIN! Think dark brown pencils with nude brown lips, how hot are these? Lets shop it:

Things you might want for this look:

The bright pastels

Think rave mixed with I'm a barbie girl. Like a slightly less drugrelated rave. You get the point. In the 90's we simply could not get enough of these bright colors. And we love it!

Cool stuff for your look right here:



Today I went to Sephora and got the new contour kit by Kat Von D Beauty. Before I did I told my friend "If I'm trying to buy the kit, STOP ME and do NOT trust anything I say". Well, I ended up bying it after bending up his fingers trying to hold the kit away from me. He screaming "NO!" Me screaming "YES!". Since I'm a woman I always win. And I'm so freaking glad I got it. LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY.
I've been searching high and low for a kit with a gray shade. I hate the red toned brownes, I don't want to look tanned, I want to look like Kim K's better looking cousin.
I'm going to post a look later this week, or I'm going to try!



Hello! Sorry for never ever posting but I'm working 7 days a week at the counter right now. I just wanted to share some personal news with you guys.. We're moving!
I already promised that this blog would involve some home styling but our home will be in boxes for the next week in preparation for the big day.
Here follows some pictures of my apartment whom I will be leaving in 7 days. 🚛



Hello! Todays theme is #red70s so I did a classic liner in brown. Here follows some details on the look, all products are Mac Cosmetics.

Base: Primer Skin smoother, Fast response eye creame, Studio Fix foundation (NC 20), Pro longwear concealer (NC 20), transparent loose Powder (prep+prime series) and Fix + facemist (prep+Prime)
For eyeliner I used brow gel True Brunette (also used on eyebrows)

Eyeshadows used: Honey Lust on lids, Amber Lights for a golden tone and Deep damson in crease

Mascara: In extreme dimension

Cheeks: Harmony and Cubic blushes

Lips: (Prep+Prime) Lip primer, Soar Liner and Retro lipstick

I hope you like it! I also picked up the Soar liner today. I was so excited because we have been out of stock for too long, I almost peed my pants when I unwrapped them. I'm so happy, this is the perfect nude liner!



Hello! This is my very first beauty blog, and I'm super excited. I find different places to post shameless selfies at all the time so I thought - why not try a blog? So, this is where I'll do beauty hauls, share freelance jobs, a bit of my private life and
... well, selfies.

Lets start out with a... BEAUTY HAUL! I will try to be impartial about this but LETS GET REAL. I'm obsessed with MAC cosmetics, like everybody else. And I know I work there, but I love this shit. Pardon my language. The products shown above: Fix + Spray - Original, Cucumber and Rose scent. Eyeshadows Amber lights, Goldmine and Lucky green with and without the use of Fix +. Huge difference, right?

So todays haul will be all about the PREM+PRIME setting spray - FIX + by MAc cosmetics. How can you live without this?

I use this in a couple of different ways, and I will give you some advice on how to use it, keep reading!

I use this spray as a hydrator for my skin before i put on my makeup, this works as a primer and will keep you hydrated during the day. I mainly use the rose scented one for this because it leaves my face smelling like unicorns farts. It's heaven.

You can also mix it with your foundation for more hydration or for a cheer coverage.

A mixer/primer for pigments and eyeshadows. As shown in the picture above, spraying some Fix+ on your brush after getting into your eyeshadow is extremly helpful. this enhances the pigments in the shadows. It makes a HUGE difference.

It's about $22.00 and you can find it at www.maccosmetics.com or in stores.
I hope this was helpful, see you next time! Bu sure to leave a comment so I know ya'll been here! kisses xo