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Why hello there!

Once again I've managed to go a long time without writing here but.. let's not dwell on that.

I am currently in the city of Rome!
I just got here today and until Sunday some relatives and I will experience what the city has to offer.

As I'm writing this it's currently the end of "arrival day". It's given me a taste of what's come and I can't express how stoked I am to see some of the ancient sites that reside in this magnificent city.

Tomorrow we will take a bus tour and hopefully get a juicy history lesson whilst seeing some of the many landmarks around here. I might do an update tomorrow as well talking about that.

Until then, have a good one out there!



Why hello there!

So.. there is this thing I have share...

Now this has been said so many times and it might be sound a bit too dramatic, but I truly believe that no feeling in this world is stronger than love. It is such an amazing feeling, and everyone who has been with someone or is currently with someone should understand what I'm talking about.

There nothing quite like it. Friends as well as beautiful views and such can tug at heartstrings and fill you with joy, but the kind of happiness and completeness you feel when you are with someone you love more than anything else is something else entirely. It something that honestly cannot be compared to anything else. That feeling that you're with someone who you are prepared to share every detail and walk the long journey called life with.

Now... around 2 years ago I realised I was in love with on of my dearest friends. She was very special. Of course she still is but you get it. Anyway.. this was kind of a dilemma. I did not want to ruin our friendship, but I couldn't stop thinking about her, I still can't.

Now.. this post is dedicated to her, this very special goddess-like, beautiful person.

Now.. 2 years after, as I sit here think back on those days I'm glad I gathered my courage to tell you about my feelings, cause the time we've shared thus far has been nothing short of amazing. You are so wonderful, I'm at a loss for words. When I have it tough just the thought of your smile eradicates all doubts. I often wonder how I got to deserve someone of your level. I cannot fathom how you're able to put me at such ease just by being next to me.

When we talk, your words of wisdom always help back on track. When you rest your head on me, all worries disappear. You are out of this world.

I love it when you're next to me. I love it when hold me tight. I love that you exist.

I'm so thankful for all the days we've spent together, the good ones and the bad ones. I'm so thankful that I've found the one I want to share this journey of life.

I love you, now and forever.



Why hello there!

So yeah, I survived that awful day I had yesterday. yay me.

It was a good thing too, cause today was swell! Only had to go to school for a workshop where we got some tasks that would teach us how to make reference lists according to the Oxford Academic writing way. Just before I went to that workshop I managed to get a good workout at the gym, and since i was there quite early, machines and equipment i required wasn't occupied.

In the afternoon, after the workshop I got to spend a good few hours with my angel. It was something I definitely was in need of, so I was glad that she could come over. We made some winner winner chicken dinner and just enjoyed each others silly humour and company. Sadly she has to work early tomorrow so she couldn't spend the night here.

So now i'm just chilling. Actually, Just before I sat down and wrote this, I used my phone to record some ideas for a new song, which was fun. I just picked up my guitar and just got creative. I love it when that happens.

Anywho.. that's it for this short little thing. Mostly wanted to update you that 'i am in fact still alive.

Have a good one out there!



Why hello there!

My God! University employees really do not know how to schedule seminars properly.

This day in particular may very well be THE most atrocious one yet. It started with a lecture as most days do. The lecture itself wasn't that dull, however, the break afterwards was 3 hours long. Did I make myself clear?! 3 HOURS! If the seminar after that break hadn't been important, it wouldn't have been an issue since I could've gone home, but that wasn't an option today.

It's so dumb! It's such a waste of my valuable time! I could've gotten some exercise or something but nooo, we'll have none of that.

Now, I am aware this is a prime example of a first world problem, but I had to get it out of my system.

If I survive the rest of the day thanks to some miracle or other, I'll make sure to notify you.

For now, have a good one out there!



Why hello there!

I know what you must be thinking "Is this guy still alive? that is freaking amazing, I've missed his talent so much". Well, first of all thank you, I almost feel bad about this lack of posts... almost. Secondly... whatever, lets get to the actual post shall we?

Yesterday was a most wonderful day and I couldn't have asked for a better one. Me and my girlfriend spent basically the whole day together which by itself makes the day just amazing. Dear god, I love her so much it's insane. She is honestly the most amazing person I've ever met which is not just something I'm saying. Oh, oops.. this isn't what I was gonna write about in this post, sorry about that... Could you be so kind clean up that puke as well? I'm just so much on love, I can't help that I get a bit too lovey dovey sometimes... deal with it.

Anyway where was I, oh yes. The reason we were going to spend that day in particular with eachother was because we were going to spend the night together at the hotel she works at. They had some sort of deal for their employees, which allowed an employee to spend one night at the hotel, free of charge. Of course they were allowed to bring someone with them as well.

This is the lovely room we got to spend the night to today in. A great room with a very comfy bed and just a great atmosphere overall.

We did a bunch of things during they day even though the room seemed very comfy from the get go. The sun was out and about as you can see in the picture as well, so we went for a walk in "slottsskogen". It's a big park in Gothenburg with lots of nature and a little zoo as well. Not like a big zoo with exotic animals but more of a zoo with animals used to our climate. It was a nice walk even though it was rather cold. 

Afterwards we went to have some dinner at an Asian restaurant and the food there was nothing short of delicious. I have made a promise to myself that I will go there again very soon. Their noodles are the most delicious noodles I've ever tasted. It was my girlfriends tip which I am very thankful for taking up on. She such a great human being, some days I cannot believe how lucky I am. Oh... sorry, I went off on a tangent again.

Anywho... after the dinner we spent he rest of the evening and night at the hotel just enjoyed each others company and watched a movie on her tablet. 

It was a very relaxing, and a simply perfect day. Once again, I couldn't have asked for a better one. I do also sincerely hope whoever is reading this is blessed enough to have days like these once in a while as well. Nothing quite lives up to them

For now, have a good one out there!



Why hello there!

So yeah.. I haven't written anything in 10 days so it's about time now. I have been busy with essay writing, but I must admit I could've found time to write something.

Anywho, I'll be better in the future (Don't hold me to that). Now, onto the post. I was planning on doing this post around the 10th or 11th I believe but for some reason I didn't get around to it. Anyway, I feel good, I haven't died or anything. But my well being isn't today's topic, the "topic" is cooking... I guess.

Cooking has for a long time been something I've found enjoyable. The feeling of taking ingredients and turning it into something delicious is special in a way. I think I might be partly influenced by my creative side, since I also like drawing/painting and I absolutely love music and experiment with that.. but I digress.

I really love anime as well and last year I started watching this short little anime called Shokugeki no Souma. The anime is heavily based on food and the art of cooking. Often in the anime they talk a little about how they made a dish, sort of how some animes explains attacks and stuff. anyway, these explanations inspired me to try some out. Almost all of the dishes are based on already existing cuisine so finding recipes when there are none is easy.

So, last week, I decided to make Eggs Benedict. This is a very delicious egg based brunch dish. I went out and bought the ingredients and it turned out more delicious then I could've possibly imagined (I'm a star wars nerd... Apologize I do)

It's actually quite simple to them... apart from the hollandaise. I tried to do that sauce the legit way but it didn't turn out good so I bought a cheat version instead. other then that, you just need some bread, some ham and eggs.

You just poach the eggs, fry the ham and then toast the bread in the frying pan. After that you just put the ham and the bread, the poached egg on the ham, and pour hollandaise on the eggs, easy peasy. They really turned out, and I cannot stress this enough, ridiculously good.

Here you can eggs, the bread I used, the ham in the background (I bought some fancy prosciutto ham, was fantastic). there is also some white wine vinegar that makes the poaching easier.

Above you can see top down view of my masterpiece. Below, a close of one of them, after I cut it to let the yolk and hollandaise mix a little.

But you cannot alway cook beautiful masterpieces. I have, like most people around this time of year, started going to the gym. I did start back in October last year, but there was a bit of a hiatus around the holiday season. Now that i've started for real again, i've decided to change my diet.. a little bit at least. Therefore, I am now making a healthier breakfast each morning that helps when your training and stuff.. So here below you can see one of the breakfasts i make sometimes.

Eggs, great for protein. Bacon is the same. Mackerel in tomato sauce, also good and delicious.

To the left is some quark mixed with some berries, a nice breakfast addition or just for a snack.

So that was that really.. for this time

Have a good one out there!



Why hello there!

I must apologise for the absence of plot the last 2 or 3 days. I have simply been busy.. and also I forgot to write.

anyway I've been busy with some fun stuff at least. I was at a party the Tuesday of this week. It was sort of a send off/ending party for a musical production I was a part of last year. It was a blast, both the party and the musical. I'll make sure to write in greater length about the musical someday.

anyway the party was fun and it was really nice to reunite with all the other actors and backstage-workers.

Now, the day after that i pretty much just chilled. I watched the latest Mission Impossible movie, which was nice but mostly they consisted of waiting. I was going to a meeting that day around 6 pm so that was all that was on my mind basically.

The meeting itself was fun. We're a group of 6 people who are deciding which musical to do next and it really is an honour to be part of that group.

They day after that was however, very special. In the afternoon of that day I went to my girlfriends place. Now, we spent 2 straight weeks together over Christmas and new years, so when we came back to Gothenburg and reality, and couldn't spend as much time together, it really hit me hard.

I could go on and on in here about how much she means to me, but i wont. I'll save that for another post, because it deserves its own.

Anywho, where was I.. oh yes. So yeah, we made risotto together. Now something both me and she enjoys is cooking. Risotto was something neither of us had made before so it was a fun experience, and it did taste pretty good. after we ate that we watched a movie she said I just had to see. It's called "Four Brothers". It stars Markie mark so I had high hopes for it, and it certainly delivered. It was nice to see a movie which i hadn't heard of before and didn't have many preconceived notions about.

Anyway, I ended up staying the night there, and better part of yesterday as well. When I was home again I finally finished my essay editing, and celebrated with some food and vodka/red bull.

Anyway... that pretty much catches the blog up on what I've been up to. Now i need to finish this breakfast I made.

Have a good one out there!



Aargh me matyes! nope.. not a pirate, still have to work out an intro.

Anywho, my first whole day in Gothenburg for 2 weeks has come to a close. It truly does feel odd to be back. I'm not really sure why that is, possibly because of the lack of animals around, or maybe it's because I do not have the love of my life right here in the same house. Anyway, I'll get used to being back to reality soon I think.

So, today has been a rather mixed day I would say. I started they day with just snoozing in bed, catching up on some YouTube series I've gotten behind on. Later, after i had eaten some breakfast, i started to work on editing an essay i wrote last year that got a "U", which is a F grade basically. I have to send in a better version by the 8th of January so it was time to start fixing the issues. I did get quite a lot of work done on it so that felt good. Now all I need to do is put in a quote or something to make it more... scientific i guess.

Anyway, back to the day. Sweden lost to Finland in the JVM of hockey. It was a semifinal game aswell, and our team showed such promise during the whole tournament, but alas the saga ended today. It annoyed me more than I could've anticipated. Normally I'm not that emotionally invested in sports events. When some time had gone i calmed down though. Dinner helped.

But yeah, overall its been a relaxing day, even though i don't feel relaxed because of the things i mentioned in the first paragraph.. I'm really looking forward to moving in with her, even though it might be awhile until then. Speaking of that, i've registered on an additional real-estate website or whatever you should call it. Moving out would be so much fun. Not only because I wouldn't have to take care of my dad to the extent that i do, but i would be able to grow so much as a person as well. Hopefully I'll be able to move out this spring, but who knows.

Anywho.. I should end this before I ramble on for too long.

Have a good one fellas!



Right... hi there bloggosphere. No that doesn't work...

Sup guys? Nah that doesn't feel like me. I'll have to work on how I will start these posts.

This is my first blogg. I guess you could call it an experiment. I'm writing this blogg to see how it will affect my lifestile and things if I at some point in the day write about what I'm doing or thinking.

Since I am a student at Gothenburg university I'm sure writing a bit more often won't hurt either.

I am Swedish but I'll be writing this blogg in English, not just to brag about my proficiency in the language, but also to practice my English writing which isn't my strong point.

If you for some godforsaken reason start to read this blog, you'll be able to follow some parts of my daily life. The upcoming year has a lot of things waiting for me so it will be at the very least be fun for me to write it down.

Damn.. This first post became longer than I planned. Well..

Thanks for reading.

Peace out.. no that's how my GF ends her posts. Excelsior.. No that's Stan Lee.

I'll have to work on my ending as well...