It is so funny how doing something new makes you so giddy and scared. I definitely do not know how this should be done or what am I exactly doing but what I know is that I want to write and share some moments and thoughts. So I thought the best way to start is, like every morning, with some breakfast. Tea, green juice and porridge was the way to go today. I wrote some thoughts down and slowly got ready while watching the great TV series called Bridge. The main character Saga could actually teach all of us not to make life too complicated.

I sincerely hope it is not how I start this but the fact that I at least started. I have never really been a person to share my life, not to mention selfies, online. But now my life is a bit different and I feel like I also need to do something different (or mainstream), who knows.

So, what can you expect to read and see here.. Mountain views for sure! Apart from that I do not even know myself. I cannot guarantee awesome pictures or clever thoughts. Maybe it ends up being something in between. We will see!

Thanks for dropping by and I wish you a great day doing just something!

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