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The Office (US)

Despite being British, I have to say the American version of the workplace based comedy 'The Office' really does take the biscuit. From the insane mind of Dwight to the romance that blossoms between Jim and Pam, this really is a must-see show.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Despite being incredibly late to the party, I recently binged every episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine up until the now weekly episodes of Season 5. It fast rose it's way into my top 5 shows, potentially taking the top spot. With it's witty humour and loveable characters, you really can't go wrong with a pizza and new Brooklyn Nine Nine.



As I write this, It's 1 am. I probably wont sleep for another 4 hours. I'm going to Costa for a morning coffee and taking a carton of supermarket iced coffee for the ride.

I am, in fact, a coffee addict.

Walking into Starbucks and getting hit with that rich, coffee bean smell is how I imagine the stairs of heaven to smell. It's such an inviting smell that inevitably means you're going to order the largest, fanciest coffee you can find and end up bankrupt. It's the coffee addict way.

From seasonal coffee to supermarket coffee, the possibilities are endless. But unfortunately, our bank accounts are not. Which brings me to confession one -

Coffee addicts are always broke.

Now obviously I don't speak for everybody when I say this, but from my own experiences coffee comes at a price. I spent £3 alone on 2 supermarket coffee's today. £3???

The sleep deprivation is very real.

Ironically, the only thing that keeps me chipper and sane is my morning coffee. Talk about a vicious circle.

Chewing gum is the saviour of our very existence.

Bad breath definitely becomes a problem when you live off of coffee, but spearmint gum is there to make your presence in society bearable for others.

Deprive a java junkie, unleash something terrifying.

I like to think of myself as a nice person. However, deprive me of my morning coffee and murder is not off the cards.

Cinnamon is for life, not just for christmas.

Missing seasonal coffee throughout the rest of the year is a pain no water-drinker could ever understand. Right now I'm making the most of the PSL's before they disappear...

But despite all the up's and downs, you just can't beat a mocha on a cold winters day. Go and pop the kettle on, and embrace the java jitters.



Drinking is a hobby most of us enjoy, but sometimes staying in really can be just as fun! Recently I've been switching alcohol for Netflix and the club for my sofa, and here are just 20 of the many pro's I've found to switching the mojito's for mango juice:

1. No hangover... duh? Of course one of the many many pro's to not going out is avoiding those nasty "I'm never drinking again" morning after the night befores.

2. Switching dresses for sweatpants. A tight dress and heels may look cute, but absolutely nothing can beat grey sweats.

3. A functioning bladder! Not having to run to the toilet all the time? check. A small victory, but a victory none the less.

4. More time to binge Netflix. If you're out every weekend, chances are you've been neglecting that Netflix subscription.

5. Your bank account wont hate you... Having a drink in this day and age is expensive! No feeling beats some coins in ones pocket.

6. Bedtime is whenever you please. Adult life is tiring, so being able to hit the hay whenever you please can only be a pro.

7. Avoiding awkward shenanigans. ​Lets face it, 99% of night outs only end in awkward disaster. By staying in you can avoid them all.

8. ​Dieting is now a bre-e-e-e-eze. ​It's not a secret that alcohol is incredibly high in calories, so switching it for green tea makes dieting a whole lot smoother (although I think you look great the way you are).

9. ​Chinese food? Don't mind if I do! ​Nothing beats Legally Blonde and a Chinese. Nothing.

10. ​You do you! ​Whether you just can't stay away from the pub or Netflix is the only way you wan't to spend your Saturday night, there's absolutely no shame in doing what makes you happy.

(​Image Credit: sports-panda Tumblr)